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    We want to thank those that have shown interest in the non-reimbursable OPM Open Government detail. The application phase has now ended. We have reviewed resumes and statement of interest from a diverse group of highly skilled people, and will set a time in the comming week to further discuss the details with a selected group of candidates.

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    9/14/2015 at 12:56 PM
    You're welcome it was interesting
    George Johnson
    2/2/2017 at 5:31 AM
    Current Web innovation permits governments to impart to general society an assortment of data in boundless amounts on request. Innovation is likewise accessible to permit subjects to convey issues of worry to the consideration of neighborhood, territorial and national governments. Nonetheless, abusing these abilities inside government frameworks is a test that includes natural, approach, lawful, and social issues. Setting up viable eGovernment requires openness, straightforwardness, coordinated effort and ability in exploiting the capacities of the World Wide Web. The rich potential for two-path exchange amongst residents and government makes a requirement for worldwide initiative. The W3C has a chance to give direction in support of eGovernment goals by advancing existing open Web models and taking note of the difficulties outside to the Web and innovation. There is likewise part for the W3C to encourage the improvement and screening of new open Web norms required by governments in setting.

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