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    Earlier this year, President Obama outlined his plan to create a 21st-century regulatory system that is simpler and smarter and that protects the interests of the American people in a pragmatic and cost-effective way.  As a key part of that plan, he called for an unprecedented government-wide review of rules already on the books in order to remove those that are out-of-date, unnecessary, excessively burdensome, or in conflict with other rules. As a result of that review, agencies have identified initiatives with the potential to eliminate tens of millions of hours in reporting burdens, and billions of dollars in regulatory costs.

    Following the President's lead, OPM has adopted an aggressive plan to review its own regulations.  OPM's review process will build on our existing culture of transparency and outreach to stakeholders by publishing a notice on March 1 of each year that solicits recommendations from the public regarding which regulations it should subject to review.   Then, no later than September 1 of each year, OPM will publish on its Open OPM website its list of priorities for retrospective review for the next fiscal year. OPM will identify no fewer than four  regulations for retrospective review each year.  If, as a result of its review, OPM decides to revise or eliminate any regulations, it will explain the basis for its decision in the Federal Register notice proposing the revision or elimination of the regulation.

    In order to jump start the review process, OPM is also announcing today its plan to examine several major regulations over the next year. As discussed in our plan, this review will help provide for a more transparent and refined calculation of the reimbursement rates for HMOs participating in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program; take advantage of new technology to improve and streamline retirement processing and customer service; reduce burdensome and ineffective reporting by agencies on human resources systems and metrics; and to create a more streamlined, transparent process for bringing interns into the Federal Government.

    OPM is now seeking comment on its preliminary plan.  The public is encouraged to submit comment through our website by filling out the form below.  To maximize the benefits of public input, comments that are submitted will be viewable by other members of the public (after any personal identifying information is removed).

    The President's new initiative for ongoing retrospective review of agency regulations presents an exciting opportunity for OPM and its stakeholders.  By regularizing the process of such review, and providing for stakeholder input, we expect to reap increased efficiencies, cost savings, and greater flexibilities.  I hope you will join OPM in this process, by commenting on our preliminary plan and participating actively in our annual call for recommendations of regulatory provisions for review.

    View OPM's Preliminary Plan on Agency Review of Regulations PDF file [102 KB]

    For more information, please visit The White House Regulation Reform website.


    John Heath
    5/27/2011 at 9:03 AM
    Procurement of Training Numerous references exist implying that commercial training approved on an SF182 can be paid for using a government purchase card withouth being subject to the formal procuremnt requiremnts outline in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). I've worked in many organzations/agencies where procurement officials resist this notion. Recommend that clear guidance on the payment of training up to $25K be included in any regulation update. If OPM decides that this is outside their perview, it should be clearly cited which Federal regulation governs commercial training purchases approved on an SF182. The most contentious area is training events that fall between $2,501 and $25,000.
    shirley turner
    6/6/2011 at 3:35 PM
    I have 2 comments- There appears to be an effort to recruit Native Americans(Indians) and Hispanic. But there does not appear to be any committees to recruit/retain Asians/Pacific Islanders to the same degree,i.e. Latino Council and Va sponsered Native American conference. 2.Policies should be reveiwed to insure that staff at Va are not penalized for a disability(such as recurrent cancer or other controlled disability)or be subject to a least than optimal work environment when a complaint is made by employee.
    Michael Morgan
    6/22/2011 at 9:00 AM
    In OPM's preliminary plan for retrospective analysis of existing rules, the list of initial candidates for review includes 5 CFR 250 (Personnel Management in Agencies). Hints of an upcoming Executive Order that will establish a coordinated government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion suggest that a more immediate review of these regulations will be required.

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