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    Core Team

    We are pleased to announce a detail opportunity for Federal employees to work in Open Government at OPM. Please note that this is a non-reimbursable position:

    Position: Program Analyst
    Location: Washington D.C.
    Duration: 4-6 months (non-reimbursable)


    On December 8, 2009, the White House issued a memorandum, the Open Government Directive, requiring federal agencies to take immediate, specific steps to achieve key milestones in transparency, participation, and collaboration.

    OPM’s Open Government Web site is called OpenOPM. On April 7, OPM posted its Open Government Plan on OpenOPM, and both employees and the public are invited to comment on the Plan. Besides data sources, OpenOPM provides links to Open Government news at the Agency and contact information for the Agency Open Government champions, Chief Information Officer Matthew Perry and Associate Chief Financial Officer Rochelle Bayard.

    The Agency’s Open Government governance structure consists of an Executive Board, a Core Team, and five Component Teams. The various Associate Directors and Department Heads across OPM comprise the Executive Board. The Core Team comprises representatives of the members of Executive Board, as well as a union representative. The purpose of this Core Team is to provide the means for OPM to increase transparency, widen participation, and foster collaboration both internally and externally. The Component Teams round out the governance structure by providing a means for collaboration and participation by a variety of members of OPM’s stakeholder community: additional OPM employees and union representatives, employees and retirees of other Federal agencies, academics, and representatives of non-profit enterprises.

    Description of Responsibilities

    The selectee will serve as the Core Team Action Learning presenter to ensure successful implementation of Open Government efforts. Duties will include but not be limited to the following:

    • Preparing and editing documents in plain language for Core Team distribution, as well as presentations and reports for OPM’s Open Government champion, the Chief Information Officer;
    • Aiding the Core Team lead in preparing final presentations, recommendations, and reports to the Executive Board;
    • Producing and maintaining meeting agendas and recording decisions;
    • Assigning Core Team action items, communicating timelines, and tracking action items to completion;
    • Collaborating with Component Teams to facilitate the flow of information and ideas among the Component Teams and with the Core Team; and
    • Responding to ideas and queries from stakeholders, including members of the general public, routing messages as appropriate, and tracking responses to ensure that OPM is responsive to its stakeholders and their needs.

    Point of Contact

    Dr. Mary Volz-Peacock



    Learn More

    If you would like to learn more about the OpenOPM initiative, visit

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