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    Last week, we released four documents written by our Open Government Team:

    • Our Open Culture Plan, which provides "an examination of six thematic areas on which OPM needs to work to become more open and a vision for a future in which we and our stakeholders enjoy the benefits of openness."
    • Technical requirements for a knowledge management system (KMS). The KMS is intended not only to provide a way to manage OPM’s knowledge, but also to provide collaboration tools.
    • Our Learning and Knowledge Sharing Strategy (LKSS). The purpose of the LKSS "is to describe knowledge sharing and recommend activities that will create a learning and collaborative culture within OPM and with external stakeholders."
    • Our Communication Construct, which offers a "solution to the problem of multiple voices and multiple answers to the same question" through a call center (broadly understood) with four tiers, as well as an Ombudsman who works independently but accepts referrals from the four tiers.

    We also recently released OPM’s Plan for the Suspension of Operations in the Absence of Appropriations. This plan is for internal use; other agencies have their own plans and will not follow ours in the event of a lapse in appropriations. You can find all five documents and more on our Reference Materials page. Also check out our new Financial Transparency and Accountability pages.

    You may also wish to read our recently released social media policy. We’ve updated the language on our blog landing page and in the user agreement you accept before submitting a comment to reflect the new policy.

    Finally, you may have noticed that many people submit the same comment many times in a short period of time. Please understand that there is a short delay of a few minutes before your comment appears. Now that the social media policy is in effect, we’ll periodically remove the extra comments, as well as spam (see the links above for details on appropriate and inappropriate content). We hope this decision provides you a better experience with our blog.



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