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    We're writing version 3 of our Open Government Plan, which we'll publish in June (you can find earlier versions on our Open Government Plans page). Our flagship will involve enterprise information management and align with our 2014-2018 Strategic Plan and Strategic Information Technology Plan. We'd love to hear your ideas! Please drop us a note in the comments section by Wednesday, May 7. And check back next month to read the plan and comment on it.

    Version 2 of our Open Government Plan moves us from strategy to implementation of ideas from the original plan. It also presents ideas that have emerged since we published Version 1 in 2010.

    Read Version 2 to learn more about our new initiatives:

    • Enhancing OPM’s Performance Management Culture
    • Establishing Communities of Practice (CoPs) and Other Networks for Innovation
    • Flagship Initiative: Centralizing Call Centers and Help Desks
    • Enabling Widespread and Uniform Use of Social Media
    • Proactively Disclosing Information via

    As we make progress on each of these initiatives, we'll periodically post information about them here. We'd love to hear any innovative ideas you have about implementing them.

      It's hard to believe almost two years have already passed since we first published our Open Government Plan! We're writing version 2, which we'll publish in April. We'd love to hear your ideas – please drop us a note in the comments section.

      June has been a busy month for OPM's Open Government Core Team:

      • We have formed the Component Teams mentioned in our Open Government Plan and Charter, both of which can be found from the OpenOPM homepage.
      • Speaking of our plan and charter, we released version 1.2 of the plan and finalized the charter.
      • We are scheduling our first Component Team meetings for early to mid-July. In preparation for those meetings, we held a day-long training session for the coaches and presenters for those teams. Several other OPM employees participated in the session — having seen the gains the Open Government Core Team has made in learning, they are interested in exploring possible uses for Action Learning in their organizations.
      • We completed a brief analysis of the comments we've received on this blog. We concluded that many of you are interested in hiring reform and related policies. You're seeking ways to improve communication with OPM and are sometimes frustrated with the process of seeking Federal employment. As time passes and the initial excitement of setting up the Component Teams begins to subside, this analysis will remind us of why it is so important for us to work to improve communication with the public and service to our stakeholders.
      • One major way in which we are seeking to improve customer service in the immediate future is our Searchable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) engine. We are completing the testing of Stage I of the FAQs engine and will launch this Wednesday. Please use it and share your ideas about it with us in this space. We are already planning Stage II, with more features greater interactivity.

      As always, we look forward to hearing your ideas about how we can improve openness at OPM!

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      This week we released our Open Government Forum Charter, and based on feedback we received from OpenTheGovernment, we are revising our Open Government Plan. We’ll make Version 1.2 of the plan available in PDF and HTML when we launch our revamped Web site this summer.

      Now is a perfect time to share with us ways you’d like to improve the plan and site!

      Thank you in advance.



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