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Combined Federal Campaign E-Giving

E-Giving and E-Technology in the CFC

This is the central location for Core Reference Documents and Guidance related to the use of E-technologies in the CFC.

E-technology encompasses any product, device or mechanism that creates and disseminates information about the CFC or facilitates transactions for the CFC by means of the world wide web, inter and intranets, e-mail, machine-readable and scanned information, hand-held and desk-top electronic devices and any other electronic means.

E-technologies continue to take on increasing importance as these technologies further donor options and increase administrative efficiencies in the CFC.

Campaign automation is desirable because it has expanded donor giving options and increased donor access to information. This has been achieved by offering donors (in some areas) on-line giving options in addition to paper-pledge materials and, where possible, using the internet to reach donor in areas that were previously underserved due to geographic restrictions.  On-line charity lists with robust search capabilities also give donors more information, in one location, than was previously available.   E-technologies have also streamlined and economized on the cost of administering the campaign. Among a variety of E-technology methods currently in use that have shown these achievements is the scanning of donor pledge cards that reduces processing time and data entry error.   Partial on-line pledge options, and direct on line giving and pledge processing through the Employee Express Pilot Program, have also demonstrated significant efficiencies.

Campaigns are urged to become very familiar with the core reference documents and guidance regarding E-Technology usage in the CFC.   Comments and questions from campaign administrators and donors are encouraged and should be directed to

May 28, 2008 CFC Memorandum 2008-5 - 2008 Annual CFC E-Technology Status Report And Request Form
July 10, 2007 CFC Memorandum 2007-5 - 2007 Annual CFC E-Technology Status Report And Request Form
April 26, 2007 CFC Memorandum 2007-03: Training And Marketing To Introduce The New Five-Digit Charity Codes In The 2007 CFC Campaign And Related Administrative Issues
December 22, 2006 CFC Memorandum 2006-24: Electronic Disbursements to Designated Charities
February 6, 2006 CFC Memorandum 2006-4 Electronic CFC Brochure Pilot Program
March 29, 2005 CFC Memorandum 2005-5 Local CFC Codes, e-Giving Initiatives, and Air Force Policy on Websites
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