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Combined Federal Campaign Information for Charities



Charitable organizations wishing to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) must complete an annual application form. Organizations that provided services in 15 or more different states or a foreign country within the three-year period 2013-2015 may apply to be listed in the National/International or International sections of the 2016 CFC Charity List. Organizations that do not meet this criterion may be eligible to participate in the Local section of the CFC Charity List.

Organizations that are not representing other charitable organizations in the CFC must use the Independent Organization application. Organizations that are representing 15 or more member organizations in the CFC must use the federation application.

National/International Organization Applications

National/international organization applications must be received by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) not later than 5PM (EST) Friday, January 15, 2016. Applications received after that time will not be accepted. Applications must be sent to:

Office of Combined Federal Campaign
ATTN: Charleese Scott
U.S. Office of Personnel Management
1900 E Street, NW Room 6484
Washington, DC 20415

The Office of CFC will conduct an application training on November 19, 2015 at its offices in Washington, DC. You may RSVP by sending an email with your name, organization, email address, and phone number to

Local Organization Applications

The deadline for submission of the Local Independent Organization or Local Federation Application varies among each of the campaign regions in the U.S. Please use our Campaign Locator to contact your local CFC office for more information. Do not send local charity applications to the OPM address listed above.

Local CFC offices may conduct application training for organizations in their area. Please contact your local CFC office for more information.

Qualifications & Materials

CFC Charities are organizations with status as tax-exempt charities as determined by the Internal Revenue Service, under 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of the United States Code, that provide health and human services and are determined to be eligible for participation in the CFC. Organizations may apply and be listed in the CFC Charity List as either a local, national or an international independent organization or as a member of a local, national or international federation.

Charities that apply to receive funds through the CFC are required to submit to extensive review of their financial and governance practices prior to acceptance. This eligibility review has helped set standards for participation in giving initiatives that transcend the community.

Deadlines for national and international affiliated and independent organizations are determined by the Office of CFC . Check the Calendar of Events for exact dates. Local campaigns determine their deadlines. Go to the Campaign Locator to contact a local campaign for more information.

Direct questions or comments to Office of CFC by using the Email link on the bottom left.

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