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2000 CFC National List

CFC Memorandum 2000-04

SUBJECT: 2000 CFC National List
Retirees in the CFC Special Request

We are pleased to forward to you, on diskette, the 2000 Combined Federal Campaign National List. As always, unless we notify you of any changes to the contrary, this list must be reproduced exactly in your local campaign brochure and on the Federal agency's electronic information system, if available.

The National List is saved as a MS Word 6.0/7.0 document. If for some reason you cannot use the MS Word version, you can obtain the WordPerfect version of the List from the CFC website at

The National List has been divided into two sections: National/International Organizations and International Organizations. Unaffiliated organizations eligible for the National List are located in the National/International section unless they specifically noted in their 2000 CFC application that they wished to be included in the International section of the National List.

Please take note of the following:

  • The narrative section has been modified to accommodate the new information that will: a) inform donors that the employer identification number (EIN) is part of each listing, and b) refer donors to several resource organizations that provide information about charity finances and accountability, and trends in giving and volunteering.
  • There are two changes in the format required for each organization entry this year. Where applicable, charities using a name other than their legal name must list their legal name in parenthesis, following the e-mail address. The entry must also have, where applicable, the Employer Identification Number. Keep in mind that churches and religious organizations will not have an EIN. Also, some organizations covered under an umbrella organization'stax exemption status may not list the EIN.
  • Each participating organization may only appear once in the local brochure (i.e., organizations on the National List may not also appear on the Local List). However, listing of a national parent organization and its local affiliate is permitted, provided it is separately incorporated and has met all local eligibility criteria.
  • Organizations on the National List cannot convert to the Local List, even if the national organization would otherwise qualify as a local organization.
  • All lists must be compiled in a single brochure.

Please make available copies of the brochure to all Federal employees. Use of agency computer systems may not replace the availability of printed brochures.

  • Index: To assist the donor in their search for an organization we encourage you to add an alphabetical index of the participating organizations in the campaign brochure either in the back or front of the brochure. Small campaigns that do not print the 25-word statements are also exempt from publishing an index.
  • Organizations with an asterisk (*) next to their administrative and fundraising expenses percentage have been found eligible even though their administrative and fundraising expenses were in excess of 25 percent of their total support and revenue. OPM granted them waivers based upon case-by-case assessments. The asterisk shall be explained in the brochure as follows:

*This organization has administrative and fundraising expenses above 25 percent, and is taking the steps necessary to bring these expenses below the 25 percent level.


As many of you know, we are testing a new service that will allow retirees to give to CFC charities. Although we will only be testing this new service in a few areas, the outreach and education efforts incumbent on the contractor may result in retirees living outside of the test areas requesting to participate. In that event, we would like to provide them an opportunity to donate to a local or national charity of their choice. In order to enable this to happen, we require an electronic copy of your brochure to include in our database. Therefore, I am requesting that you provide an electronic version of your brochure to this office as soon as it is available, or no later than July 31, 2000. If you have any questions regarding this request, you may contact Keith Lively at (202) 606-2545.

Please note that copies of the disks or this MEMO are not being mailed to the LFCC, so please share this information with your respective LFCC. The National List will also be available on the CFC home page at

If you have questions on the use of the disk or any problems associated with the disk, please call Suzanne Doutr� at the Campaign Service Center 801/274-7500 or, fax your questions to her at 801/274-7501. She will be happy to assist you. Questions regarding the National List should be directed to Ms. Gail Davis, CFC Operations, at 202/606-2564 .

Best wishes for a successful campaign!

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Organization of National List --

Preface and Introduction

(Supplied by OPM)

(1) International Organizations

0800 International Unaffiliated Organizations
0300 International Service Agencies
1400 Do Unto Others: America�s Emergency Relief, Development, and Humanitarian Outreach Charities

(2) Local Organizations

(3) National/International Organizations

0500 Community Health Charities
1600 National Black United Federation of Charities
0700 American Red Cross
2200 Human and Civil Rights Organizations of America
1900 Women, Children, & Family Service Charities of America
2100 Military, Veterans, & Patriotic Service Organizations of America
2500 Health and Medical Research Charities of America
2800 Human Service Charities of America
1700 Medical Research Agencies of America
2300 Conservation and Preservation Charities of America
1500 Children's Charities of America
0400 America�s Charities
0800 National Unaffiliated Organizations (Determined by OPM)
1800 Animal Funds of America
2400 Educate America! The Education, School Support and Scholarship Funds Coalition
2000 Christian Service Charities
0600 United Service Organizations (USO)
0100 United Way of America
0900 Earth Share

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