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CFC Brochure Compliance 2

CFC Memorandum 2002-07


In conjunction with the 2001 Local Compliance Assessment process, the Office of CFC Operations examined a random sample of local campaign brochures from the 2001 campaign. The most common error found was the placement order for categorical listings of national, international and local organizations as specified in OPM instructions issued in MEMORANDUM 2001-5 on July 27, 2001.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with brochure printing instructions issued each year and CFC regulations Part 950.401 (g)(2) is the responsibility of both the LFCC and the PCFO staffs. This process ensures that the placement of all participating organizations in the brochure follows a uniform rotation. For example, the correct order of the placement of organizations in the 2001 CFC brochure was: National Organizations, International Organizations, Local Organizations.

All campaign brochures for the 2002 CFC must reflect the correct order in accordance with 2002 brochure printing instructions which will be issued upon completion of the appeals review process. These instructions, along with other general guidance, will require a rotation in the order of organization listings as follows: Local Organizations, National Organizations and International Organizations.

Please note that the instructions will also indicate the order in which organizations are to appear within the National and International categories. It is not acceptable to alphabetize the agencies in these sections.

LFCC Review

All campaign materials that will be printed and distributed by the PCFO must be reviewed by the LFCC for compliance with the CFC regulations. In addition, all campaigns are strongly encouraged to invite representatives from participating charities to review the final draft of the brochure before it is printed.

Errors & Costs

The omission of a participating charity from the brochure may require that all brochures be reprinted and redistributed. Such omissions must be reported to OPM immediately upon discovery. The cost of this action will be borne by the PCFO or charged to CFC administrative expenses, as directed by the Director or the LFCC (see CFR Part 950 Subpart D- Campaign Materials.)

As part of our ongoing efforts to protect the high standards Federal donors have come to expect of the CFC in compliance with Federal regulations, the Office of CFC Operations will again collect a random sample of campaign brochures following the CFC 2002 solicitation period.

Please contact the Office of CFC Operations at (202) 606-2564 if you have further questions.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation on this matter.

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