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Verification of New 2006 CFC Applicant Organizations Tax Exempt Status

CFC Memorandum 2006-16

June 20, 2006

SUBJECT: Verification of New 2006 CFC Applicant Organizations Tax Exempt Status

In follow-up to the recently concluded Government Accountability Office (GAO) review of CFC participating charities, the Office of CFC Operations will be performing an independent verification of the tax-exempt status for all new applicants to the 2006 CFC against IRS publicly available data. Your timely cooperation is required to ensure that we can obtain a complete and properly formatted database in order to perform this verification as soon as possible.

Local campaigns are required to submit an Excel list of new 2006 applicants only to the Office of CFC Operations (OCFCO) no later than 5:00 pm EST, June 30, 2006. By "new applicants" we refer to only those charities that applied to participate in the 2006 CFC and which either had not applied for, or were denied, participation in the 2005 CFC. Please include only new 2006 applicants, regardless of whether or not they have been admitted for the 2006 Campaign.

The list must be formatted as shown in the attached example and include the following information:

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Legal Name (as it appears on the IRS Letter of Determination)
  • Doing Business As (DBA) Name or Brochure Listing Name-required only if different from the Legal Name
  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Code (ID)
  • 2006 LFCC Decision (admitted/denied)

Please create a record for each organization by following the "Local CFC Charity Upload File Layout Description" with special attention to the EIN (Most errors in data entry for these records tend to be linked with the EIN). An attached Excel spreadsheet is included with a sample entry. This spreadsheet may be used for your local charity information, saved, and returned to OPM with the required information.

Please e-mail your Excel list to the OCFCO no later than 5:00 pm EST, June 30, 2006 to Please include your four-digit campaign number and campaign name in the subject line. For example, "0001 East Alabama CFC 2006 Charities".

Your full cooperation and timely response is appreciated. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Pamela Rodgers at 202/606-2564 or by e-mail at

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Local CFC Charity Upload File Layout Description for
Verification of New 2006 CFC Applicants' Tax Exempt Status

Each charity record contains the following fields in the order shown
Field NameFormatDescription
EIN9 digits in text format
e.g. 234574366
The 9-digit employer identification number (EIN) issued by IRS. All EINs must be nine digits without a hyphen in your excel list. Family Support and Youth Activities (FSYA), also known as Military Welfare and Recreation (MWR) organizations, may or may not have an EIN. They must still be included. Use nine zeros without a hyphen mark in the EIN field for these organizations.
LEGAL NAME Less than 100 characters A text field for the organizations' legal name as found on the IRS Determination Letter.
DBA NAME Less than 100 characters A text field for the organizations' name listing in CFC materials if different from the Legal Name.
2006 LFCC DECISION Less than 10 characters A text field documenting the LFCC’s decision on the organization for the 2006 CFC. Enter either "Admitted" or "Denied".
CAMPAIGN ID4 digit number in text format
e.g. 0090
The 4 digit campaign (code) ID
CAMPAIGN NAME Less than 200 characters The name of the campaign.

Text Fields: All of the fields in this request are text fields. Do not use punctuation in text fields.


EIN: 234560900

Campaign ID: 0700

Legal Name:

  • The "Historical Society, Inc." should be submitted as Historical Society Inc
  • "P.A.T.T" should be submitted as P A T T
  • "International Children‘s Services" should be submitted as International Childrens Services

DBA: The "Historical Society of Hawaii, Inc." should be submitted as Historical Society Hawaii Inc

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