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CFC Charity List, National/International Part

CFC Memorandum 2008-06

June 25, 2008

SUBJECT: 2008 CFC Charity List, National/International Part

We are pleased to issue the National/International part of the 2008 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Charity List.  As always, this must be reproduced exactly in your local campaign Charity List and on any applicable electronic information system.

The list is being provided in two formats –– Microsoft Word 7.0 and Excel 7.0.  In addition, we have attached the Preface and Introduction, a Table of Contents, alphabetical and numerical indexes and a version of the National/International list without the 25 word description for use by smaller campaigns (see 5 CFR §950.401(k)).  The Preface and Introduction must be reproduced exactly in your local campaign Charity List and on any applicable electronic information system.

There are 2,257 national/international organizations participating in the 2008 CFC.  This includes one new International federation: Child Aid International.

List Order

The CFC regulations at 5 C.F.R. Part 950 require that the order of the parts of the Charity List be rotated annually.  This year the order is:  1) Local Organizations; 2) National/International Organizations, and; 3) International Organizations.  The order of these parts and order of federations in each part cannot be altered by campaigns.  As a reminder, the Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) must determine by a random drawing the order in which local federations and the alphabetical group of independent organizations appear in the Charity List (5 CFR §950.401(g)(2)).  Links to the National/International charity lists posted on the OPM/CFC website are not permissible as a substitute for the complete listing of local, national, and international charities.

Index and Table of Contents

  • Index:  To assist donors in their search for an organization, we encourage you to add an alphabetical index of the participating organizations in the Charity List either at the beginning or end of the Charity List.  These indexes are attached.
  • Table of Contents:  The use of a Table of Contents is strongly encouraged.  The Table of Contents (attached) reflects the official order of the parts of the Charity List, and must not be altered, except to insert the order of federations and alphabetical group of independent organizations in the local part.
  • Small Campaigns:  We have included a version of the National/International list without 25-word statements.  This format may be used by campaigns that received less than $100,000 in contributions in the 2007 CFC and campaigns that are participating in the online Charity List pilot program.

Special Features

  • Charities being listed under a name other than their legal name (the name that appears on the IRS determination letter) must include their legal name in parenthesis.
  • Each Charity List entry must include, where applicable, the Employer Identification Number (EIN).  Keep in mind that religious organizations and Family Support and Youth Activities may not have an EIN.
  • Each participating organization may only appear once in the Charity List (i.e. organizations on the National/International part may not also appear on the Local part).  However, a listing of a national organization, as well as its local affiliate organization, is permitted.  Each national or local organization must individually meet all of the eligibility criteria and submit independent documentation as required in §950.202, §950.203 or §950.204 to be included in the Charity List, except as noted in §950.401(i).
  • Organizations on the National/International part cannot convert to the Local part, even if the national organization would otherwise qualify as a local organization.  However, a national/international organizations may waive its listing in the National/International or International parts of the Charity List in favor of its local affiliate by following the procedures set forth in §950.201(c).
  • Administrative and fundraising rates must be listed and rounded to the tenth of a percent.  For example, a 10% rate would appear as 10.0% and a 10.52% rate would appear as 10.5%.  Donors should be instructed to contact an organization directly if they wish to receive more information about a rate.
  • All parts must be compiled into a single Charity List.
  • Organizations that did not submit taxonomy code information should be listed with a “Z” (“other”).

The complete content of the CFC Charity List must be made available to all Federal employees in either paper or electronic formats.  Electronic formats must also be consistent with Guidelines for the Use of E-Technology in the CFC, Section 2.2, provided as an attachment below.

If you have questions about the attached National/International part of the Charity List, Preface and Introduction, Table of Contents, or alphabetical and numerical indexes, please contact your CFC regional representative.

Best wishes for a successful campaign!


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