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Frequently Asked Questions Pay & Leave

What factors must an agency address when documenting the determination to pay a retention incentive to an individual employee or a group or category of employees likely to leave for a different Federal position?

An agency must address the following factors when documenting a determination to pay a retention incentive:

  • The factors for authorizing a retention incentive for an individual employee described in 5 CFR 575.306(b) or for a group or category of employees described in 5 CFR 575.306(c);
  • The extent to which the employee’s departure for a different position in the Federal service would affect the agency's ability to carry out an activity, perform a function, or complete a project the agency deems essential to its mission before and during the closure or relocation period (e.g., the agency‘s need to retain the employee to ensure minimal disruption in the performance of mission-critical functions, continuity of key operations, or minimal disruption of service to the public before and during the closure or relocation; to train new employees who will move with the organization to the new geographic location; to assist with the actual closure or relocation of the office, facility, activity, or organization; or to perform similar mission-essential functions before or during the closure or relocation);
  • The competencies possessed by the employee that are essential to retain; and
  • The agency (which may be in the executive, judicial, or legislative branch) for which the employee would be likely to leave in the absence of the retention incentive.

(See 5 CFR 575.315(d)(2) and (3).)

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