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    Healthcare Plan Information

    Mail Handlers Benefit Plan

    MHBP (Mail Handlers Benefit Plan)

    Protecting Members Through Important Patient Safety Initiatives

    Illegible handwritten prescriptions, preventable hospital errors and dangerous drug interactions threaten your health. MHBP is concerned about these and other potential threats to your health and well-being and that of your family.

    The fact that 98,000 preventable medical errors occur in this country each year is alarming. This is why we help you protect your health by promoting the identification of potential safety concerns. We also work with providers and others in health care to bring about system-wide change.

    Because medical errors typically occur at the point of care—doctor’s offices, pharmacies or hospitals— these locations are the focus of our safety initiatives.

    Working Together for Your Safety

    MHBP offers you access to a network of providers. Our stringent quality assurance initiatives include:

    • Strict credentialing standards for participating network providers —the following percentages reflect board certified providers and network retention:
      • 87% of our primary care doctors and 86% of our specialists.
      • 99% of hospitals and 97% of doctors.
    • Providers must continue to meet our quality standards to remain in our network.
    • Oversight of all MHBP quality and performance improvement initiatives by our Corporate Quality Improvement Committee.
    • Daily interactions by our team of registered nurses note 1 and clinical medical directors with members and their physicians.

    Call us at 1-800-410-7778 with feedback about experiences with your providers. To locate a provider go to and click on the “Locate a Provider” link.

    Prescription Protection

    Risky drug interactions, allergic reactions and over-medicating can impact your health and well-being. CVS Caremark manages MHBP’s prescription drug benefits and helps identify potential errors and serious prescription interactions. Because medication errors make up a large proportion of medical errors, we:

    • Require preauthorization on some prescriptions and compare your demographic and prescription profile against the drug prescribed.
    • Promote detection of inappropriate use of medications, especially narcotics, and limit quantities to help prevent overdose.
    • Alert pharmacists and doctors, as appropriate, to potential risks. At times, we may send educational mailings to you on medication safety.

    Support—When You Need it Most

    If you have an ongoing or complex medical condition, we understand you may need extra help. The MHBP Care Support Program gives you general guidance so you can better manage your condition— now and in the future. Members report high satisfaction with our URAC-accredited care support program which is available for:

    ● Asthma ● Diabetes ● HIV/AIDS
    ● Atrial fibrillation ● Heart attack recovery ● Pregnancy
    ● Congestive heart failure ● Hepatitis C ● Transplants

    Find out more at in the “Disease Management” section under “Health and Wellness”.

    Experience Counts

    It’s a fact—the more experience hospitals have with medical and surgical procedures, the better your outcome is likely to be. So evaluate your options. Use our hospital quality comparison tool at  through “My Online Services” to compare and rank hospitals for your procedure or diagnosis.  Comparisons are based on the number of times the hospital has performed a particular procedure, outcome (mortality) rates for that procedure patients, the percentage of patients who develop complications or die, and length of stay and costs.

    Working as an Advocate for Change

    MHBP supports the position of the Council for Affordable Quality Health Care (CAQH), an alliance of health benefits companies committed to improving the quality of health care by developing important patient safety initiatives:

    • Universal Credentialing DataSource, with up-to-date information on providers and one means to assess quality.
    • Formulary DataSource, a physician resource for finding cost-effective and appropriate medications for their patients and to lay groundwork for an electronic prescription program.
    • Enhance interoperability between providers and payers, streamline eligibility, benefits, and claims data transactions, and reduce the amount of time and resources providers spend on administrative functions – time better spent with patients.

    MHBP Works With You

    Because you take an active role in your health care, we’re open 24 hours, except some major holidays. Call us at 1-800-410-7778 with health or benefits questions.

    Explore “My Online Services” for:

    • Educational resources like Healthwise®Knowledgebasenote 2—information about health topics, medications, medical tests and support groups.
    • Health assessments—see how you score and identify risks, learn prevention strategies and discover simple ways to improve your health.
    • Medical library— symptom checklists, issues to consider when making treatment decisions and child development guidelines.

    MHBP takes your health and safety seriously. We will continue our efforts to encourage the health care community to reduce preventable medical errors. Find out more at under in the "Patient Safety." section of “Health and Wellness”.

    Join us—together we can make health care safer.

    1 - Aetna nurses cannot diagnose, prescribe or give medical advice. Specific questions should be addressed to your doctor. All treatment decisions are between you and your doctor.

    2 - Healthwise® Knowledge base is a registered trademarks of Healthwise, Incorporated.

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