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GEHA Indemnity Benefit Plan

Government Employees Health Association
Customer Service: 800-821-6136


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  • Changes for 2024
  • Summary of Benefits
A Fee-for-Service Plan (Elevate Plus and Elevate Options) with a Preferred Provider Network

This plan's health coverage qualifies as minimum essential coverage and meets the minimum value standard for the benefits it provides.  See page 7 for details. This plan is accredited. See page 12.

Sponsored and administered by:   
Government Employees Health Association, Inc.

Who may enroll in this Plan:  All Federal employees and annuitants who are eligible to enroll in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program may become members of Government Employees Health Association, Inc. (GEHA). You must be, or must become a member of GEHA.

To become a member:  You join simply by signing a completed Standard Form 2809, Health Benefits Registration Form, evidencing your enrollment in the Plan.

Membership dues:  There are no membership dues for the Year 2024.

Enrollment codes for this Plan:

    251 Elevate Plus Option - Self Only
    253 Elevate Plus Option - Self Plus One
2 Elevate Plus Option - Self and Family
    254 Elevate Option - Self Only
    256 Elevate Option - Self Plus One
5 Elevate Option - Self and Family

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