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Blue Shield of California

Access+ HMO®
Customer service 800-880-8086


  • Rates
  • Changes for 2023
  • Summary of Benefits
A Health Maintenance Organization (High Option)

This plan’s health coverage qualifies as a minimum essential coverage and meets the minimum value standard for the benefits it provides. See page 8 for details. This plan is accredited. See page 12.


Access+HMO serves Southern California only. 

Please see page 13 for more information on our service area.

Enrollment in this plan is limited. You must live or
work in our Geographic service area to enroll. See page
13 for requirements.

Enrollment codes for this plan:

SI1 High Option Access+ HMO Self Only
SI3 High Option Access+ HMO Self Plus One
SI2 High Option Access+ HMO Self and Family




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