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Background Investigations Agency Training

Position Designation (PD)

Training will be conducted at:

NBIB Training Center
Arlington, VA 22202

The Position Designation Automated Tool (PDT) is used to appropriately designate the risk and sensitivity levels of all Federal competitive positions and any position that can be converted to competitive. This half-day training course is intended for those whose work includes assessing positions for public trust risk and national security sensitivity, and determining associated vetting requirements. Attendees will learn to:

  • State the purpose of the PDT
  • Describe the Position Designation process
  • Determine the final position designation and required level of investigation using the PDT by:
    • Assessing the National Security requirements of the position
    • Assessing the Suitability requirements of the position
    • Determining the potential impact of the position on the efficiency or the integrity of the service
    • Adjusting designation based on scope of program and level of supervision
  • Determine the investigative and adjudicative vetting requirements based on the position designation

To sign up for this training, please fill out this registration form and email it to [Do not forget to indicate which training dates you prefer on your registration form.] This training class is free.


9:00 AM to 11:30 AM


January 12, 2017 
March 2, 2017 
April 13, 2017 
May 11, 2017 
June 22, 2017 
July 27, 2017 
August 31, 2017

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