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    Background Investigations Customer Service for Agencies



    Federal Investigative Services

    The U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Federal Investigative Services (OPM-FIS) provides investigative products and services for over 100 Federal agencies to use as the basis for suitability and security clearance determinations as required by Executive Orders and other rules and regulations. OPM provides over 90% of the Government's background investigations, conducting over two million investigations a year.

    FIS Organizations available for agency customer support

    Every organization within FIS plays a crucial role, because each organization has multiple responsibilities that contribute to the FIS investigation processes in various ways.

    Although there are many more organizations within FIS that are pivotal to the investigations process, the organizations listed on this page are specifically available for FIS agency customer support.

    If you are unsure of which organization to contact, please check out our Contact Us page or view our OPM Oganizational Chart.


    The FIS staff includes approximately 2,300 Federal and 6,500 contract employees supporting the investigation program. FIS has four operations centers located in:

    • Boyers, Pennsylvania
    • Fort Meade, Maryland
    • Washington, DC
    • Crystal City, Virginia

    FIS has field agents working throughout the United States. FIS field agents - both Federal and contractor - carry credentials that show they are working for or on behalf of the Office of Personnel Management. To confirm an agent's identity, please contact the FIS Safety and Security Team at 888-795-5673 or

    For a better look at how FIS fits into the OPM Organizational structure, check out the OPM Oganizational Chart.

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