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Background Investigations Customer Service for Agencies

QUALITY INTERFACE - Customer Initiatives

Reopens and RSIs

Quality Interface - Customer Initiatives processes agency requests to reopen investigations and conduct Reimbursable Suitability/Security Investigations (RSIs). Agencies may submit their requests via the OPMIS Secure Portal.

If you have questions about the OPMIS Secure Portal or questions on how to obtain an OPMIS Secure Portal Account, please call Systems Access Support at 724-794-5612, extension 4600.

Reopen or RSI requests must be either submitted on the FIPC 553 OR;

Typed on agency letterhead that contains the following:

      • Security Office Identifier (SOI)
      • Submitting Office Number (SON)
      • Business Event Type Code (BETC)
      • Treasury Account Symbol (TAS)
      • Interagency Payment and Collection Code (IPAC)
      • Date submitted to OPM
      • Subject information:
        • Full name
        • OPM case number or Social Security Number
        • Phone number and email address
        • Current full address
      • Clear description of the work being requested in the Reopen or RSI
      • Submitter information:
        • Name
        • Phone number
        • Email address

Additional guidance can be found on page 2 of the FIPC 553.


To expedite a pending investigation that exceeds the agency due date, please contact the Urgent Background Investigation (UBI) Line at 724-794-5612, extension 554. Investigations that do not exceed the agency due date cannot be expedited by the UBI line.

Expedites for Deployments (Catch'em in CONUS)

The purpose of the Catch'em in CONUS program is to attempt to complete an interview with the subject that is going to deploy, or a subject that has been deployed, but will be stateside on leave for a limited time and requires an interview. We make every effort to interview the subject while he/she is stateside.

To expedite a subject interview due to the individual deploying or returning from deployment for a limited time, email the request to Please include the following information:

        • Subject's full name
        • OPM case number, Social Security Number or e-QIP Request ID
        • Start and end date of subject's stateside availability
        • Stateside/leave location: Full address
        • Subject's home phone number
        • Subject's email address
        • POC/Facility Security Officer (FSO) name and phone number
        • Any additional pertinent information

For other questions or concerns, please see our Contact Us page.

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