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    Attachment to FIN 01-06

    Clearance Verification System (CVS) Transaction File

    PIPS will establish clearance records and maintain their activity history for Federal agencies who currently use OPM's SII to record its investigative history. These activities will be performed by submitting a file of clearances to OPM to be processed (loaded or revalidated). For each record:

    • if a clearance already exists, a "revalidation" event will be added to its history, or
    • if no clearance exists, a clearance will be added.

    Then each active clearance, for the authority or for one of its authorized authorities, will be identified. If there was no corresponding record for this clearance in the file submitted, a "canceled" event will be added to its history.

    The subject information provided on this file must match exactly to the SSN, last name and date of birth of the subject on PIPS. If the clearance is being added, the subject must already exist on PIPS and have a completed investigation.

    The following is the ASCII fixed-length file format that must be provided and a description of each field.




    SSN of subject



    SOI code of granting authority



    Clearance level, coded:
    C - Confidential
    L - DOE L
    Q - DOE Q
    S - Secret
    T - Top Secret



    Leave blank.



    Granted date of clearance, if new clearance is added by the program. Ignored if clearance already exists. In CCYYMMDD format.

    If not provided, the date the file is processed is used.

    If provided:

    • If adding a clearance, date reflects its granted date and date must not be greater than 10 days after the date the file is processed (i.e., clearances that are to become effective in the future but not more than 10 days beyond the date the file is entered into the SII).
    • If revalidating an existing clearance, the date is ignored, the program uses the date the file is processed.



    Last name of subject



    Date of birth of subject.   In CCYYMMDD format.



    State of birth of subject

     * State or country may be entered, but not both.



    Country of birth of subject

     * State or country may be entered, but not both.

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