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    Background Investigations Federal Investigations Notices

    You have reached a collection of archived material.

    The content available is no longer being updated and as a result you may encounter hyperlinks which no longer function. You should also bear in mind that this content may contain text and references which are no longer applicable as a result of changes in law, regulation and/or administration.

    Notice No. 02-01

    Subject: Investigations Reimbursable Billing Rates for FY 2002

    Date: November 30, 2001

    The attached schedule of initial billing and discontinued rates will be effective for OPM's reimbursable investigative services January 1, 2002. We have evaluated the products and services requested by our customers and, as a result, a few products (upgrade and updates) have been eliminated or merged due to the low or non-existent requests.

    The upgrade from a Minimum Background Investigation (MBI) to a Limited Background Investigation (LBI) is no longer available. We have dropped the upgrade and update Background Investigation (BI) from 37 to 60 months.

    We are increasing the price of our investigative products by approximately two-and-a-half percent (2.5%) due to increased operating costs. OPM will continue to provide customized investigative services, such as advance national credit histories and criminal history fingerprint checks, upon request, to meet agencies' employment screening needs. The cost for these specialized services varies depending upon case content and coverage. If your agency has a specific Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with OPM to provide products outside the products listed in the attached billing schedule, you will be notified of any pricing changes through a separate letter to your agency.

    For additional information concerning these services, or additional investigative coverage (such as residence or employment interview or record checks), contact your OPM Appraisal Officer on (202) 606-1042.

    Richard A. Ferris
    Associate Director

    Inquiries: OPM-IS, Oversight and Technical Assistance Division, 202-606-1042
    OPM-FIPC, Program Services, 724-794-5612

    Code: 736, Investigations

    Distribution: SOIs/SONs

    Notice expires: September 30, 2002

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