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    e-QIP: Changes to Applicant Information Validation

    To improve the quality of investigation submissions, OPM FIS has added the verification of Submitting Office Number (SON), Security Office Identifier (SOI), and Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection Code (IPAC) to the Electronic Questionnaire for Investigations Processing (e-QIP). This will help reduce the number of cases that are unacceptable due to incorrect SON/SOI/IPAC information. If the agency user attempts to use SON, SOI, or IPAC codes that are not compatible with OPM's system, the user will receive a validation error and will not be allowed to submit the case until a valid code and/or combination of codes is provided.

    If your agency needs to validate your SON, SOI, and IPAC codes or approval to use a specific combination of codes for your investigation requests, please contact the OPM-FIS Systems Access Support Team at (724) 794-5612, x4600.

    Other recent changes to e-QIP included:

    • "For Official Use Only" has been added to the header and footer on the electronic and printable versions of all Standard Forms.
    • The Service Code "B-Accelerated" has been changed to "B-Standard" in Block A of the Agency Use Block. This change does not impact how OPM processes the investigations. It is simply an update to align the service code with current procedures and written guidance.
    • A validation change in the Military History section of the e-QIP for national security positions will not allow the applicant to provide information about military service or disciplinary actions, including courts martial, if the applicant answered "no" to questions 15a, 15b, and/or 15d.
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