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    Background Investigations News

    Updates to the INV 15 - Requesting OPM Personnel Investigations

    The INV 15, Requesting OPM Personnel Investigations, has been updated and is posted on the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Federal Investigative Services (FIS) website in webpage format. This document assists federal agencies in requesting OPM background investigations. It provides information to familiarize agency human resource and security officials with OPM/FIS processes and the products and services offered.

    Some of the updates to the INV 15 include: new charts regarding position designation and corresponding standard form type and investigation type, which aligns with implementation of the 2012 Federal Investigative Standards. It also explains form and document submission requirements. At this time much of the information in the INV 15 is available within the electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (e-QIP) system’s help screens, and therefore explanations of each specific the Agency Use Block (AUB) field have been condensed.

    The INV 15 is no longer available in portable document format (PDF), but it is still possible to print the entire document using the print buttons in your internet browser. To print the entire document, refrain from specifying numbers of pages or sections in the print window, and all six tabs of information will print in approximately 38 pages.

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