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e-QIP Application Agency Training Sites

Information for Federal Agencies

If you are an agency user and need to manage, review, or approve investigation requests in e-QIP, login to e-QIP via the NP2 Secure Portal.

e-QIP Deployment

For more information regarding e-QIP deployment at your agency, and if you are your agency's security or human resources manager, call OPM's Federal Investigative Services - Agency Liaison/Systems Access Support Team at 724-794-5612, Ext. 4600.

Agency Support

If agency users are unable to access the e-QIP agency website, or are experiencing other technical problems, please call the OPM Help Desk at 866-631-3019.   (This number is not for use by applicants).


To obtain information about the e-QIP Train-the-Trainer course offerings, please email or check out the current classes offered. Classes are currently conducted in the Washington, DC area.

Please Note: The training links below are only to be accessed by Federal agency security or personnel staff members who have been given a training account by either attending an e-QIP training class, or by your agency's designated e-QIP Train-the-Trainer(s).

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