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e-QIP Application Web Based Training

Courseware Version 3.03

Welcome to the e-QIP Web-Based Training Course home page. This course is designed to provide agency personnel with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to successfully utilize e-QIP to complete their role(s) in the investigation request process.

The e-QIP courses require JavaScript to run. If you encounter trouble launching the course, please ensure JavaScript is enabled and that pop-up blockers are not preventing the course window from opening.

The e-QIP web-based training is an online course available to take worldwide at any time. Please note that these online lessons do not generate course certificates and the access to the lessons is not trackable.

If you already have an e-QIP training system account, you may continue to use that separate from this web-based training course. Having an e-QIP training system account is not necessary to take these online lessons. However, if you would like to request access to the e-QIP training system, please contact your e-QIP Agency Administrator or local e-QIP train-the-trainer at your organization to gain account access.

The course has a total of eight lessons. Note that, depending on your role, you may not be required to complete every lesson. Refer to the Roles listed to the right of each lesson to determine which are applicable for you. You may also click a role in the View Lessons by Roles area to view a list of all lessons relevant to that role.

All Lessons & Roles

e-QIP Overview

This lesson provides a high-level overview of the purpose, history, and benefits of the e-QIP system. It outlines the types of investigations, roles, forms, and processes required for using e-QIP.

Accessing e-QIP

This lesson teaches how to access, log into, and navigate through the e-QIP system.

Initiating Requests

This lesson covers the tasks involved with initiating investigation requests in e-QIP.

Reviewing and Approving Requests

This lesson covers the fundamentals of reviewing and approving e-QIP requests as well as the Reviewer’s and Approver’s roles and responsibilities in the process.


Reviewer, Approver

Program and Business Managers

This lesson focuses on functional features available to Program Managers and Business Managers in e-QIP.

Managing Agency Data

This lesson focuses on the tasks involved with establishing an agency’s hierarchy and managing groups in e-QIP as performed by the Agency Administrator.

Managing User Data

This lesson covers the tasks involved with creating and managing agency user accounts in e-QIP as performed by the User Administrator.

Solutions to Common Issues

This lesson focuses on how to respond to common applicant issues. It also covers how to use Find and run reports.

Control Panel