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e-QIP Application Web Based Training

Agency Help Desk

All agencies are encouraged to develop their own e-QIP Help Desks for their applicants. The e-QIP Agency Help Desk user is able to reset Golden Questions for applicants who have active requests in their agency or within a subordinate agency.

If you are an Agency Help Desk user, you can complete one-step Golden Question resets for applicants and view an applicant's request summary.


e-QIP Overview

This lesson provides a high-level overview of the purpose, history, and benefits of the e-QIP system. It outlines the types of investigations, roles, forms, and processes required for using e-QIP.

Accessing e-QIP

This lesson teaches how to access, log into, and navigate through the e-QIP system.

Solutions to Common Issues

This lesson focuses on how to respond to common applicant issues. It also covers how to use Find and run reports.

Control Panel