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e-QIP Application Web Based Training


The e-QIP Approver conducts a final review of the investigation and forwards the request to the Investigation Service Provider (ISP).

If you are an Approver, you are responsible for reviewing an applicant's investigation request to confirm there are no issues to address. You'll also need to add and/or verify that appropriate attachments are present before releasing the request from your agency to the ISP.

The Approver role is very similar to the Reviewer role. Depending upon your agency's structure, the role of Reviewer and Approver may be performed by the same person.


e-QIP Overview

This lesson provides a high-level overview of the purpose, history, and benefits of the e-QIP system. It outlines the types of investigations, roles, forms, and processes required for using e-QIP.

Accessing e-QIP

This lesson teaches how to access, log into, and navigate through the e-QIP system.

Reviewing and Approving Requests

This lesson covers the fundamentals of reviewing and approving e-QIP requests as well as the Reviewer's and Approver's roles and responsibilities in the process.

Solutions to Common Issues

This lesson focuses on how to respond to common applicant issues. It also covers how to use Find and run reports.

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