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Our Inspector General Organization

The Office of the Inspector General's (OIG) Office of Audits conducts comprehensive and independent audits of U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) programs, operations, and contractors. The Office of Audits assists the Director and Congress by providing credibility to the information reported by the agency and providing information to improve accountability and facilitate decision-making.

The Office of Audits' core responsibility is auditing the activities of OPM contractors that underwrite and provide health and life insurance benefits to Federal employees and annuitants, and their dependents and survivors, through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) and the Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance Program. There are approximately 225 insurance carriers participating in the FEHBP with annual premium payments that exceed $52 billion. In addition, we conduct audits of OPM's Retirement Program, which manages the Civil Service Retirement Disability Fund (CSRDF).  The CSRDF has approximately $900 billion in assets and makes monthly payments to approximately 2.6 million annuitants and survivors which exceed $82 billion annually.

The Office of Audits also conducts a wide range of audit activity covering other OPM programs and administrative operations, such as:

  • Financial statement audits required by the Chief Financial Officers Act;
  • Audits of OPM's compliance with laws and regulations;
  • Information systems audits at health insurance carriers participating in the FEHBP and at OPM;
  • Audits of Pharmacy Benefit Managers participating in the FEHBP;
  • Audits of the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program;
  • Audits of Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance Program carriers; and,
  • Audits of OPM programs that involve the range of the agency's responsibilities, including Revolving Fund activities such as background investigations and human resources services.

The Office of Audits also audits the sole contractor that administers the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), which has over $100 million in annual pledges.

Reports of these audits can be found in our Reports Section.

We have audit staff located not only at OPM's headquarters in Washington, D.C., but also at field offices in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh, and Jacksonville, Florida.

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