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Cybersecurity Hiring Resource Hub

This site provides numerous options for agencies to use for recruiting, hiring, and retaining cybersecurity employees, including special pay rates, direct hire authority, and other tools for hiring hard-to-fill positions.

Federal Rotational Cyber Workforce Program

Federal Rotational Cyber Workforce Program to develop cyber employees’ knowledge and skills; advance career opportunities; and support employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Cyber Recruitment and Retention Flexibilities and Resources

Federal IT/Cybersecurity:  Governmentwide Recruitment and Retention Authorities is a useful reference that summarizes the available authorities and incentives.  

Federal Cybersecurity and Technology Jobs 

Interpretive Guidance for Cybersecurity Positions

Interpretive Guidance for Cybersecurity Positions to help agencies attract, hire, and retain a highly skilled cybersecurity workforce.

The Cyber Careers Pathways Tool, an interactive way to explore work roles and attributes in the cyber careers community.

Hiring Authorities

Cybersecurity hiring flexibilities to quickly hire and onboard top talent from senior professionals to entry level recent graduate. Options include:


Cybersecurity pay and leave flexibilities to recruit and retain cybersecurity employees at every career level. Flexibilities include special rates, recruitment, retention and relocation incentives, superior qualifications and special needs pay-setting authority, Federal student loan repayment program, creditable service for annual leave accrual and critical pay.

Employee Development

Rotational and developmental programs to continue to build and mature a pipeline of cybersecurity talent and leaders.

The U.S. Digital Corps, a two-year fellowship for early career technologists who work to make a difference in critical impact areas including pandemic response, economic recovery, cybersecurity, and racial equity.

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