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Each day, all across the country, most Americans wake up in a society where they have safe roads to travel to work and school; the security of affordable and quality health care; flourishing parks, rivers, and streams; dedicated Federal law enforcement officials to protect their security; and access to small business loans and affordable mortgages that help keep our economy strong. Providing these and countless other services to the American people requires a talented, highly-skilled Federal workforce that draws from the rich diversity of the people it serves.

To hone skills that will help agencies recruit and hire top talent from across America, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is conducting complimentary, in-person and virtual sessions nationwide for Federal hiring managers and human resources professionals to foster collaboration and the strategic use of recruitment and hiring tools.

"The [session] presenters were highly engaging, enthusiastic and were able to answer questions with a high level of specificity and clarity. The topics were just right, and the emphasis on making federal hiring simpler was very welcomed."
Sara Russell, Executive DirectorSan Francisco Bay Area Federal Executive Board

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