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Focus Areas

Collaboration: The Key to Hiring Excellence

When hiring managers and human resources (HR) professionals engage in collaboration during the hiring process, they improve their hiring outcomes.

During the Hiring Excellence sessions, hiring managers will be equipped with the best knowledge, resources and tools available to make informed recruitment and hiring decisions, in collaboration with HR staff. The information presented in the Hiring Excellence session will highlight the unique and important roles of both hiring managers and HR professionals in recruiting and hiring top talent, and introduce you to collaboration techniques that can be used to advance hiring excellence in your agency.

In addition to attending a Hiring Excellence session, you can visit the Recruitment Policy Studio for valuable information, tools, and resources on collaborating to achieve hiring excellence.

Strategic Recruitment to Attract Top Talent

The ability to attract and recruit the best qualified talent to your agency is critical to the success of your agency’s mission. Join us at a Hiring Excellence session to obtain practical guidance and resources on how to strategically attract candidates, and learn how these tools come together to connect you with the top talent you desire.

The Hiring Excellence session offers information on how to leverage new and enhanced USAJOBS tools to better understand skill sets within applicant pools and to target qualified talent. You will gain clarity on how to develop an effective recruitment strategy that incorporates the many streams of relevant data from which you can draw to make well-informed decisions, and you will receive information about available mechanisms that incorporate social media, niche groups, and diversity websites.

In addition to attending a Hiring Excellence session, check out the following online resources to enhance your agency’s strategic recruitment efforts:

  • Recruitment Policy Studio Page—Take advantage of the wealth of resources available in this dynamic “Studio” to improve your recruitment and hiring. This site provides information, tools, videos, and a host of other practical resources to help you strategically plan and design a customized recruitment strategy.
  • The USAJOBS Agency Talent Portal— Use these tools to help find and recruit talent, as well as measure recruitment and hiring effectiveness.

    • Reporting and Analytics
      Reporting and Analytics provides visualizations to help human resources specialists, diversity and inclusion specialists, and leadership understand how effective their recruiting efforts are and where talent is geographically located.

      • Geographic Insights Dashboard displays current USAJOBS users and current job openings on a map.
      • Job Opportunity Announcement Analytics Dashboard helps measure the effectiveness of recruitment efforts. The dashboard shows the number of visitors over the open period and a map view of their location, and displays information on how the visitor learned about the opening (i.e., USAJOBS, career sites, LinkedIn, etc.).
    • Resume Mining (Pilot)
      Resume Mining allows both hiring managers and HR professionals to “mine” the USAJOBS database for resumes and profiles that candidates have chosen to make searchable. Resume Mining users can then search these resumes to invite candidates to apply to job opportunity announcements, share information on career fairs, etc. Users can search for skills, experience, and certifications using keywords, special eligibility criteria, or profile preferences to find applicants.

To find out more about these tools and how to access them, please email

Assessments: Assessing for Success

To achieve hiring excellence, you need an effective assessment strategy that provides rigorous screening of applicants from initial review through identifying the best-qualified individuals in your candidate pool.

During the Hiring Excellence session, you will learn about strategies and tools (for example, the Assessment Decision Guide, the Assessment Decision Tool, and the Structured Interview Guide) that can help agency executives, hiring managers, and HR professionals find the right candidates with the right skills in less time, using fewer resources. You will learn how to design an effective and efficient assessment strategy, weigh the pros and cons of using various types of assessments, and identify and address barriers to good assessment--all driven by the specific requirements of the position you need to fill. After completing this informative Hiring Excellence session, you will have the knowledge and resources necessary to leverage a full range of assessment options for a variety of positions. In addition to attending a Hiring Excellence session, view OPM's Assessment & Selection site to learn more about assessments and designing an assessment strategy that will work for you!

USA Hire is transforming government one hire at a time by making quality assessments available to Federal agencies like yours. USA Hire is being featured as part of the Hiring Excellence Campaign as a best practice for assessment strategy, design, and implementation. With off-the-shelf assessment batteries ready for use in over seventy-five occupational series, and the capability to develop and automate additional assessment tools, USA Hire can help you make effective hires for virtually any occupational series. Visit the USA Hire site to learn more about OPM’s online assessments.

Hiring Authorities: Leveraging All Your Options

There are many hiring authorities available to you to bring highly-qualified candidates into Federal service. Leveraging these authorities to target and hire the talent you need, with the wide variety of skills and experience needed across the Federal Government, is essential to ensure good hiring outcomes across your agency. The Hiring Excellence sessions offer empowering information to both hiring managers and human resources professionals about the hiring authorities you can use to hire top talent from all segments of society, including veterans, students, recent graduates, and individuals with disabilities, among others. After completing the Hiring Excellence session, you will be more aware of the various existing hiring options and will have a better understanding of how to strategically leverage the variety of available hiring flexibilities.

To prepare you for the Hiring Excellence sessions, and to support your understanding and knowledge once you have participated, visit the following helpful sites:

Diversity and Inclusion: Delivering on Your Mission

Research shows that building and maintaining a diverse workforce, where employees have diversity of experience and thought, can result in a high-quality, high-performing organization that can effectively fulfill your agency mission.

Have you ever wondered whether your recruitment efforts are reaching the intended audiences? In this Hiring Excellence session, we will share tools that can help you create an inclusive culture that nurtures diversity of experience and thought in both hiring and the workplace. You also will learn more about how to engage in data-driven decision making by using existing tools like post-selection Applicant Flow Data and OPM’s Diversity and Inclusion Workforce at a Glance dashboards. In addition to attending a Hiring Excellence session, explore the following websites to learn more:

Control Panel