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Human Resources Specialists in the Federal Government should attend to receive in-depth guidance directly from OPM’s subject matter experts on how to use enhanced collaboration techniques and the full range of tools and resources available, including hiring authorities, assessments, and effective recruitment strategies to attract qualified applicants.

Hiring Managers in the Federal Government should attend to learn about the Federal hiring process and how to maximize their involvement to improve the ability to attract and hire top talent. Hiring managers will also learn about available assessments and hiring flexibilities and hear practical advice on how to work effectively with human resources specialists to hire the best candidates.

"We appreciate the opportunity for our HR Professionals in the field to learn more and get valuable best practices from the experts in OPM. This is essential [technical assistance] which every HR Professional and Hiring Official should attend."
Larry Hisle, Executive DirectorKansas City Federal Executive Board

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Hiring Excellence sessions are complimentary for Federal employees, and all participants are required to register online. Confirmation of registration will be sent via email after your registration has been processed.

Past Dates

  • May 6
    Durham, NC
  • May 10
    Tampa, FL
  • May 12
    Miami, FL
  • May 18
    Washington, DC (DHS Only – Ronald Reagan Building)
  • May 23
    Washington, DC (Open-OPM)
  • May 23
    Fort Worth, TX
  • May 25
    San Antonio, TX
  • May 26
    San Antonio, TX
  • Jun 6
    Arlington, VA
  • Jun 7
    Atlanta, GA
  • Jun 8
    Atlanta, GA
  • Jun 13
    Washington, DC (Open-OPM)
  • Jun 14
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Jun 21
    Seattle, WA
  • Jun 23
    Albuquerque, NM
  • Jul 12
    Detroit, MI
  • Jul 14
    Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN
  • Jul 20
    Washington, DC
  • Aug 9
    Cleveland, OH
  • Aug 11
    Cincinnati, OH
  • Aug 16
    St. Paul, MN
  • Aug 23
    Pittsburgh, PA
  • Sep 8
    Chicago, IL
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