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Services for Agencies Assessment & Evaluation

A wide range of customized assessment tools can be developed and validated to meet specific agency needs with regard to employee selection, promotion, and development for both leadership and non-leadership positions.  The assessments are developed by highly trained OPM Personnel Research Psychologists and are ideal for situations in which an agency wishes to develop assessment tools for mission-specific occupations. Once developed, these assessment tools are "owned" by the agency.  Customized assessments that OPM develops for exclusive agency use include:

  • Accomplishment Records
  • Assessment Centers
  • Biographical Information Inventories
  • Cognitive Tests
  • In-basket Exercises
  • Job Knowledge Tests
  • Situational Judgment Tests
  • Structured Interviews
  • Work Samples
  • Writing Assessments

To learn more about how to automate assessments using OPM's USA HireSM platform, view our online assessment services page.

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