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Services for Agencies Center for Leadership Development



The OPM’s Center for Leadership Development is dedicated to developing great leaders for the Federal Government. Our faculty and facilitators—drawn from America’s elite corps of leadership development professionals—provide personalized services to help you focus on the developmental opportunities that will propel you to an outstanding level of performance excellence.

For over 50 years, we have worked to

  • Create, share, and apply knowledge and skills to address the challenges faced by public sector organizations
  • Develop the values and competencies that are the foundation of public service, transcending individual professions and missions
  • Offer state-of-the-art learning experiences in world-class learning environments

Our customers are high-performing aspiring leaders, supervisors, managers and executives who participate in our programs to enhance their leadership and management skills. They may do so at any stage of their career from first line supervisor through the Senior Executive Service.

Learn more about us, and discover how we can help improve the performance of your team and your organization.

Multilevel leadership development

We are the premier provider of leadership development solutions for the public sector. We guide our participants through a career-spanning process of leadership development, from aspiring leaders to senior executives. We promote networking and sharing of best practices among agencies. And we offer a certificate program for emerging and seasoned government professionals.

Learn about multilevel leadership development.

Executive development

We teach the values and competencies that form the foundation of public service. From the renowned Leadership for a Democratic Society to seminars for new executives, our executive learning programs help executives at all experience levels deepen their understanding of leadership and increase their ability to drive organizational excellence.

Learn more about executive development.

Custom solutions

Our experts address your specific needs with customized solutions to support your workforce. We can design a program that meets the scope and size of your organization and provide subject-matter experts to help address your agency’s challenges.

Learn more about our customized solutions.

Distance learning

Our USA Learning program is your source for distance learning and online collaboration. We provide customized online learning solutions for federal employees at every career level. Our state-of-the-art programs are flexible enough to meet the demands of your evolving workplace.

Find out more about our distance learning program.

Other learning capabilities

Learn about our Presidential Management Fellows.

Our Approach

Our mission is to develop visionary leaders to transform government. We achieve this by designing and delivering courses that strengthen organizations and improve leadership.

Our course content is grounded in the latest public and private research on leadership development. We integrate policy and public governance into the development of effective leadership practices. Our offerings speak the language and share the values and concepts of government, while fostering the exchange of ideas, best practices, and resources.

Our programs focus on contemporary leadership challenges through the lens of public service and Constitutional values. The five Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs), comprising 28 competencies, form the foundation of our curriculum. While used in selection, development, and performance management systems throughout Government, the ECQs also represent guideposts on the path to career and organizational success.

Designed for you

We believe great leaders are made, not born. Whether you are an aspiring leader, new supervisor, or seasoned executive, it is never too late to enhance your leadership and management skills. Our courses will guide you through your leadership journey and career.

Together is better

Network with peers from all branches of Government at our outstanding locations:

  • Management development centers in Denver and Washington, DC
  • Residential location in Charlottesville, VA.
  • Other locations throughout the U.S. and around the world

Learn from the best

Participate in highly interactive, intensive programs conducted by experts in federal government employee development.

 Get the recognition you deserve

Our Leadership and Education Development (LEAD) certificate program offers a curriculum that is recognized government-wide and can help you document evidence of your leadership development.

Learn more about our courses and programs to find out how you and your team can attain the skills you need to excel in leadership—at all levels of your public organization. We will help you deepen your understanding of your role and discover innovative approaches to achieving high performance.

Courses and Programs

Are you ready to start your journey? Discover the courses that are right for you and register with our Schedule at a Glance.

Not ready?

Schedule at a Glance

Go to to find the course that is right for you and register now

Core leadership curriculum

Our core leadership curriculum stands as one of the most successful development programs ever conceived for federal leaders. Participants are engaged in a career-long process of leadership development beginning with the foundational courses and culminating in our renowned Leadership for a Democratic Society program.

We prepare leaders for progressively higher levels of responsibility, while ensuring their agencies have an effective blueprint for succession planning.

Recommended courses

If you are an individual leader, we recommend that you start with:

If you are a team leader, register for:

If you are a supervisor, register for:

If you are a manager, register for:

If you are an executive, register for:

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Agency courses

Whether you are a federal aspiring leader, new supervisor, or a seasoned executive, you can always enhance your leadership and management skills.

Our courses are conducted by experts in federal government development. Interact with your peers from all branches of government. You will put your classroom experience to immediate use to improve your organization and advance your career.

Recommended courses

For team development, register for Team Building and Team Leadership: Blended Format, for project and team leads.

For collaborative leadership, register for Working with Others, for individual leaders.

For supervisory development, register for Fundamentals and Supervisory Development II: Learning to Lead, for new supervisors.

For management development, register for Leading from the Middle, for new managers or Leading Organizations, for mid-level and experienced managers.

For executive development, register for Leading Change or Leadership for a Democratic Society, for senior leaders and SES candidates.

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Our approach to development and education is grounded in research. Discover the latest public and private findings on leadership.


We offer courses in Washington, DC, and Virginia, as well as other locations throughout the U.S. Learn about the Federal Executive Institute and the Eastern Management Development Centers.

Federal Executive Institute

The Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, VA, is a campus setting near the University of Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Located approximately two hours southwest of Washington, DC, FEI is removed from the constant interruptions of daily work. The modern 14-acre campus is in the heart of a bustling university community surrounded by beautiful woods and rolling hills.

Learn more about the Federal Executive Institute.

1301 Emmet Street
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Eastern Management Development Center

The Eastern Management Development Center delivers leadership courses in Washington, DC; Charlottesville, VA; and at locations throughout the country in facilities designed for a variety of learning approaches that support knowledge acquisition and action learning. EMDC’s proximity to the center of federal operations allows expanding experiential learning opportunities as well as easy access to top government experts.

Learn more about the Eastern Management Development Center.

1900 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20415
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