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Services for Agencies Center for Leadership Development



The Eastern Management Development Center (EMDC) holds open enrollment courses, including the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) certificate program, in Washington, DC, and other locations around the country and online.

Getting There

1900 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20415
Public Transportation
The closest Metrostations are a six-block walk from OPM.
  • Farragut North (Red line)
  • Farragut West (Blue, Silver, and Orange lines)
There are several parking garages in the area.
Closest Airport
Reagan National is the closest airport; BWI and Dulles are other options.
Getting in the Building
Access the building using the E Street entrance. Please be prepared to show identification to the security guard, who will direct you to your classroom.


State Plaza Hotel
2117 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037
Courtyard Washington, DC/Foggy Bottom
20th Street NW
Washington, DC 20006
Hampton Inn Washington, DC/White House
1729 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006

Dress Code

The dress code for all EMDC classes is business casual, regardless of location. Plan to be comfortable.

Getting Lunch

There is a cafeteria in the building as well as several restaurants close to the facility. A list of lunch options will be provided to you during your course.

Other Questions

Please check the website or your welcome letter for the specific start and stop times for your course. Note that you are required to be present for the entire course to receive a Certificate of Completion. Please adjust your schedule accordingly.

Tuition for courses designated as “residential” includes meals and lodging. For “non-residential” courses you are responsible for your own meals and lodging.

In addition to the Washington, DC, classrooms, EMDC delivers residential courses at the Federal Executive Institute. Please check the website for class locations.

Commuting to a course designated “residential” is strongly discouraged. EMDC’s residential programs include evening work, such as small group projects, one-on-one coaching, and other program activities. After-hours networking with other course participants also helps optimize your learning.

LEAD Institute

The Office of Personnel Management's LEAD Institute, offered by HR Solutions’ Center for Leadership Development, empowers federal leaders to take charge of their professional development by providing a clear path to leadership education and development that's right for them and their careers. The LEAD Institute offers essential role-based leadership skills that help individuals fulfill their Individual Development Plan (IDP), putting them squarely on the path to career development.

By training tomorrow's leaders today, the LEAD Institute helps training officers, managers and supervisors meet the challenge of succession management. In each role-based program, current and future leaders assess their leadership effectiveness, gain core knowledge and develop critical skills for leadership success. Each program culminates with a certificate signed by the Director of OPM to formally recognize the employee's achievement.

OPM established the legacy LEAD Certificate Program in 2008, with the first program launching in 2009. Now known as the LEAD Institute, LEAD lets Federal employees take charge of their professional development by providing a clear path to leadership training that is right for their career. Each program is designed to deliver core knowledge and develop capabilities for leadership success.

What participants have enjoyed most about OPM’s legacy LEAD Certificate Program will be enhanced through the LEAD Institute with a new format and blended delivery. Now as a cohort-based program, participants will learn alongside peers and build professional networks spanning diverse agencies. They will collaborate as small teams in-person, online, and beyond the program through a virtual community of practice. The redesigned program enables CLD to provide a more focused learning experience by reducing the number of traditional open enrollment courses.

Now being offered in new locations, LEAD Programs will be more accessible than ever before, bringing federal employees closer to achieving their developmental goals. Participants will start and complete the program with leadership assessments that measure their learning and behavioral changes over the 5-month program. Individualized coaching sessions will help develop their strengths and expand their impact in organizations.

LEAD is offered as four role-based programs to help you fulfill your Individual Development Plan (IDP):

  • Project Team Lead - Learn and practice the skills and tools to understand how to build and lead teams, practice being an effective team member, and complete a work-based project plan. For individuals aspiring to or currently leading teams and/or projects.
  • Supervisor - Foster a diverse and inclusive workforce where individual similarities and differences are valued and leveraged to achieve the vision and mission of the organization. For new federal supervisors or supervisors in their first year (completes the new supervisor training requirement).
  • Manager - Execute on the mission, vision, and goals of your organizations while operating from the middle and applying systems thinking to tackle complex problems. For second-level leaders (duties include program management; direct work of an organizational unit; exercise influence, design and implement policy, and work in broad partnerships within and outside their agency; and/or supervisor of supervisors or accountable for success of specific line or staff functions).
  • Senior Leader - Instill accountability, inspire individual excellence, and drive exemplary organizational performance in support of national objectives. For third-level leaders (supervisors of managers – GS-14 equivalent plus) responsible for organizational results.

Learn More or Register

OPM created the LEAD Institute with busy federal professionals in mind, giving learners a path to complete an Institute program in just five months. Classroom time is maximized by enhancing the transfer of learning through web-conferencing modules between classroom sessions. In each LEAD Institute program, rising and established federal leaders participate in content rich modules that provide:

  • Assessments of current leadership effectiveness and/or potential
  • Overviews of key leadership competencies critical to success
  • Intensive development of workplace relevant skills

The redesigned multiday in-person sessions give learners time to digest, reflect, and plan how to apply their learning. Expanding upon the previous capstone project, rigorous work products and assignments will help demonstrate learning through reflection, planning, and action. Structured growth opportunities through on-the-job projects will help validate participants’ mastery, bringing applicable value to agencies.

  • On-the-job learning projects that bring direct benefits back to your agency
  • Clear progression to support succession management
  • Networking and sharing of best practices among agencies
  • Faculty with government expertise bring ideas, techniques, and subject matter content to an interagency collaborative learning environment
  • Ideal for fulfilling training requirements for Presidential Management Fellows
  • Supports the President’s Management Agenda
  • Ease of government-to-government interagency agreements

Each cohort will be capped at 24-30 participants based on the specific program. This maximizes learner/instructor interaction, group learning, collaboration, teamwork, and skills development.

The cohort program is structured to engage learners in similar roles across federal service who bring their collective experiences to the cohort’s learning environment, magnifying interaction and learning. Throughout the five months learners will interact, learn, and participate in projects with cohort members in a classroom setting and a combination of asynchronous and synchronous online projects and activities which may include webinars, group work, assigned readings, and an online community of practice.

If you have been pursuing a legacy LEAD Certificate under the previous program and have not declared to complete a certificate, you may still be able to receive a certificate at the completion under the LEAD TeachOut Plan. If you have already notified us in writing of your intent to obtain a legacy LEAD certificate, we are tracking your completion for the courses specified in your plan agreement. If you are unsure if you meet the criteria for the LEAD TeachOut Plan, please contact us at for a review.

To register, visit our course schedule or contact the LEAD Institute Program Manager at

Please contact our LEAD Institute Faculty Program Director. We look forward to supporting your leadership development needs.

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