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HR Line of Business Archived Published Reports

The Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) depicts the savings realized by the federal government as agencies migrate their HR systems to shared service centers (SSCs). The Human Resource Line of Business (HR LOB) followed a comprehensive methodology to review existing agency budget data, collect additional information through a data call and follow up discussions with agencies, analyze collected information, and calculate cost savings and avoidance in creating the CBA Report.

Cost Benefit Analysis – May 31, 2012 - In FY 2011, the HR LOB engaged in an extensive update of its Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) study to quantify the significant benefits of moving to shared services for agencies, SSCs, and the Federal government. The FY 2011 HR LOB CBA study calculates that the migration of Federal agencies to HR SSCs and payroll providers will result in $1.625B in cost savings and avoidance for the Federal government through FY 2015, with over $184M of cost savings realized each year after FY 2015. Further details and the CBA methodology are outlined in the FY 2011 Cost Benefit Analysis Report.

Cost Benefit Analysis – December 31, 2009 - During Fiscal Year (FY) 2009 the Human Resources Line of Business (HR LOB) launched an effort to revise its original cost benefit analysis (CBA) developed in FY 2004. The FY 2009 Cost Benefit Analysis Report highlights the cost savings that support the business case for migrating to a Shared Service Center.

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