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    HR Line of Business Governance Structure

    Figure 1: HR LOB Governance Structure

    The HR LOB governance structure consists of two tiers. The top tier is "Strategy, Policy, Planning & Oversight” and the bottom tier is "Stakeholder Engagement".

    In the Strategy, Policy, Planning and Oversight tier, leadership is provided by the OPM Director and CHCO Council Chair, who has a dotted line relationship with the CHCO Council and the Federal CIO of OMB. The OPM CIO, OPM CHCO, and OPM PPA Director co-chair the Multi-Agency Executive Strategy Committee (MAESC). The HR LOB Program Manager reports to the HR LOB Program Director, who reports to the OPM PPA Director. The MAESC is composed of 24 member agencies and includes liaisons to the CIO Council, CFO Council, Small Agency Council, Federal Acquisition Council, and Budget Officers Advisory Council.

    In the "Stakeholder Engagement" tier, Ad-hoc workgroups are convened by the MAESC on an as-needed basis. The "Stakeholder Engagement" tier also contains the Shared Service Center Advisory Council (SSCAC). The SSCAC is composed of six HR SSCs (USDA/NFC, DOD/DCPAS, GSA, HHS, DOI/IBC, and Treasury/BPD) along with DOD/DFAS as a payroll provider.

    Control Panel