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Services for Agencies Workforce & Succession Planning

We will create an agency-specific recommendations report incorporating strategies for recruitment, retention, and training and development to help ensure the most efficient and effective means of mission accomplishment. Through this process, we assist agencies in the development of short-and long-term strategies and targeted investments in people to create a quality workplace designed to attract, acquire, and retain quality talent.

Specific to retention, workforce trends tell us that new employees may not remain with the same agency for their entire careers. To increase the return on an organization’s employment investment, we work with agency officials to develop strategies, processes, and plans that provide for the continued growth and development of employees. This increases the current value of an organization's employees and can have a positive impact on their decision to stay or leave.

Getting the most valuable applicants to fill your vacancies dramatically increases the odds of retaining those employees. Placing an emphasis on strong retention strategies can help your organization retain your valuable human capital assets. We will design strategies that help you keep your best people. Types of assistance include:

  • Designing job announcements that attract the best candidates
  • Developing effective employee orientation programs
  • Building a culture of high performance
  • Designing career development plans
  • Developing effective mentoring programs
  • Implementing coaching programs
  • Designing easy to use performance management systems
  • Analyzing factors that impact turnover
  • Identifying management and supervisory best practices for retaining great employees
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