List of Agency Resources

The Federal Chief Learning Officers Council, in partnership with OPM, has developed a wiki page where agencies may share resources, materials, and courses. These materials are available for download below. 

Training Business Plans

SSA Training Business Plan

Strategic Learning Plans

U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Strategic Learning Plan

The Federal Collaborative e-Learning Laboratory

The Federal Collaborative e-Learning Laboratory (Fed-CEL) is a trail blazing online community of instructional designers, graphic designers, Web developers, and subject matter experts from across the Federal Government. Through sharing time and resources and working collaboratively, the Fed-CEL will:

The establishment of the Fed-CEL will reduce course and content development costs across the Federal sector through pooling of resources and the establishment of a clearinghouse for common mandated training. The community will also improve overall ISD and e-learning knowledge by allowing for knowledge sharing, evaluation and discussion of best practices. This in turn will foster innovation in e-learning development as members experiment and build on each other's work.

If you would like to join our community or have questions about Fed-CEL, please contact 
Ross Allan.

Grants Management
The Grants Management Training Agency Guide aims to ensure that Federal employees have the skills and training necessary to effectively and efficiently manage more than $300 billion in grants that the Federal Government awards annually.

This guide informs Federal agencies of best practices for training grants managers, and informs Federal employees of the knowledge and skills needed to progress in the field of grants management. The guide also identifies, defines, categorizes, and ranks various competencies -- the skills and knowledge that agencies seek in their grants managers. The result is a tool that agencies can use to bring their own practices into line with those of the Federal community at large. 

This tool is likewise a resource for Federal employees to identify training courses that would benefit them in their current careers or help them obtain the skills and knowledge needed to enter into a new career in the field of grants management.

To access the guide, click on this link: 
Grants Management Training Agency Guide.