Leadership Talent Management & Succession Planning

This wiki page is designed to equip agencies with tools and resources in alignment with OPM’s Annual Leadership Talent Management & Succession Planning (TMSP) process. The process consists of five main stages:  (1) determine future executive resources needs; (2) evaluate current talent state; (3) align talent to agency needs; (4) finalize executive development plans; and (5) implement and update plans.

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Title 5, Section 412.101 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (5 U.S.C. 412.101) states: “In consultation with the Office of Personnel Management, the head of each agency shall establish - (1) a comprehensive management succession program to provide training to employees to develop managers for the agency.” 

Stage 1: Tools and Resources


Stage 2: Tools and Resources

Stage 3:  Tools and Resources

Stage 4: Tools and Resources

  • OPM’s Framework for the Continuing Development of Federal Senior Executives -This framework extends the information and guidance provided in OPM’s Supervisory and Managerial Frameworks and Guidance and focuses on the capstone level of the Federal leadership journey.  This executive development framework incorporates mandatory training, recommended key leadership behaviors, developmental objectives, and developmental opportunities at each specific stage of an executive’s lifecycle of learning.  OPM’s suite of frameworks are intended to assist senior leaders with effective agency talent management and succession planning efforts, and to assist agency instructional designers and training managers to chart leadership development.  Executives also are encouraged to review the framework to assess their current state of development and create a plan to strengthen specific competencies.  

  • Collaborative Leadership Network GuideThis guide was developed by the Partnership for Public Service’s Excellence in Government program participants to encourage continuous learning during and after an executive leadership development program.  The guide was designed for Architect of the Capital and hits on the all of the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) competencies.  It includes suggested activities, readings, videos, and exercises for each area and includes guidance the training office administering the program. 

Stage 5: Tools and Resources