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Frequently Asked Questions Insurance

I am a member of Congress or designated congressional staff interested in enrolling in an HSA (health savings account)-compatible, high-deductible health plan. If I enroll in such a plan, will a portion of the pre-tax dollars I pay for the plan premium go towards funding an HSA through the DC SHOP?

No. There is currently no mechanism to fund an HSA through the DC SHOP with pre-tax premium dollars. The premium for HSA-compatible plans available at the Gold level on the DC SHOP is allocated 100% to the cost of the high deductible health plan and enrollee contributions to the HSA must be handled separately.

 If you are considering opening an HSA, please note that it may be beneficial to begin contributing to the account as early as possible because HSA money cannot be used to pay a claim retroactively.

If you already have an HSA, you can keep it and continue to use the funds in the HSA and make additional contributions on your own to the HSA.  You may have to pay a monthly fee for your account that the bank will take out of your balance.

If you have a previously established HSA, you should talk to the financial institution under which the HSA was established to discuss your options.

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