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During my confirmation hearing last summer, I promised to assess the state of Information Technology at OPM and develop a strategic IT plan within 100 days of being sworn in. I am pleased to share that plan with you today.

The Strategic IT Plan addresses our technology needs across the agency and aims to improve many of the factors that directly impact our IT, including efficiency, accountability, and innovation. It’s organized around the concept of an “HR lifecycle IT framework.” This builds upon OPM’s strategic workforce planning for the hiring process and continues throughout an employee’s career in Federal service, culminating in retirement.

IT is really about a bigger picture. We know that our IT systems impact how we do every aspect of our work. That is why in order to better serve the American people, Federal employees, and Federal agencies, my team and I will also use the HR lifecycle IT framework to help make government human resources smarter and more effective.

Here’s a look at our HR lifecycle framework: 

Graphic of the HR lifecycle framework. Header reads: Strategy, Acquire, Sustain, and Separate. 3 tier chart, Top tier: Business Initiatives, Middle tier: Enterprise Initiatives, Bottom tier: Enabling Initiatives.

Our goal is to be able to:

  • Manage, analyze, and share data easily
  • Leverage efficiencies
  • Support business processes
  • Enable better decision-making

There are a lot of pieces to this plan, some of which you will see up close – such as USAJOBS and our retirement tools. Other aspects will take place behind the scenes. Either way, we’ll be using the same strategy of making foundational improvements and working through initiatives -  from IT leadership to Data Analytics to Information Security. That will allow us to improve IT across the board. In the end, our goal is to provide better, faster service in every way possible.

There’s a lot more to this plan and I’m sure we’ll have more to share in the coming months as we put it into action. If you’d like to read the plan in its entirety, you can find it on OPM’s website (

This Strategic IT Plan is another step in OPM’s mission to better recruit, retain and honor a world-class Federal workforce.

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