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Healthcare Carriers


OPM/RIS/Office of Insurance Programs 2002

File Record Layout


Field Description Position Length

Social Security Number 1-9 9

OPM Claim Number A,F** 10-18 9

Medicare Claim Number from SSA 19-27 9

Medicare BIC Basic Ins. Code 28-29 2

Member Name Last First MI 30-49 20

Date of Birth YYYYMMDD 50-57 8

Enrollment Code XX1, XX2, XX4 or XX5 58-60 3

Medicare Status A,B,C,X,N,Z* 61 1

Spouse Code Indicator 62 1

* A = A Only ** A = Annuitant

B = B Only F = Survivor

C = Both A & B

X = None

N = Unknown

Z = Unknown

Records are in Undelimited Ascii. (Can be opened with WordPad or Notepad.)

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