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Classification & Qualifications Appeals Decisions



These pages summarize the Federal position classification appeals process. Throughout these pages, "you" refers to a current Federal employee, "we" or "us" refers to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and "classification appeal" refers to classification appeals by General Schedule (GS) employees and job grading appeals by Federal Wage System (FWS) employees.

The decisions posted on these pages provide useful occupational information, classification analysis, factor level accreditation patterns, and interpretations of the governing criteria. As a classification or job grading standard or guide is updated, classification appeal decisions issued using the old standard or guide may be deleted.

You must file a classification or job grading appeal in writing.

Earlier Decisions

Earlier classification appeal decisions (pre-1997) are not available electronically. Paper copies of decisions still in our system of records may be obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. Submit the request to:  Classification and Pay Claims Program Manager, Office of Personnel Management, 1900 E Street, NW, Room 6484, Washington, DC 20415-6000. The request should state that it is a Freedom of Information Act request and describe the requested decisions by occupational series and grade(s), the time period, and if applicable, the agency. For example, "All decisions for GS-0318 positions at grades 6 and 7 in the Department of Agriculture from 1995 to the present."

How to Use Our Classification Appeals Decisions

The classification appeal decisions posted on these pages do not substitute for or add to position classification or job grading standards and guides and are not "case law." Further, these decisions should not be used as the basis for other classification determinations for two reasons. First, section 5107 of title 5, United States Code, prohibits the classification of positions on the basis of position-to-position comparisons. Second, these decisions do not provide enough information for direct application in the classification of other positions.


These decisions are provided with the following cautionary notes:

You must keep in mind that the decisions are taken out of context. Neither the actual position description nor the appeal case file is provided to supplement the decision.

Each decision relates to a specific position and may not provide an appropriate basis for extrapolation to other positions.

Each decision provides an interpretation of classification standards and guides in force at the time the case was decided appropriate for the circumstances of the position in question. This interpretation may not be appropriate for other positions given the different ways similar work may be accomplished, alternative interpretations of the flexibilities that may be allowed in the classification standards and guides, and the specific conditions associated with the work of the position being considered.

Deleted Information

Some information in these classification appeal decisions, such as the appellant's name and organizational information that might identify the appellant, has been deleted under exemption 6 of the Freedom of Information Act (section 552(b)(6) of title 5, United States Code). Exemption 6 allows information in personnel and medical files to be withheld if disclosing the information would be a "clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy." Text in brackets indicates where information has been withheld under this exemption, for example [appellant's name] or [appellant's supervisor].

OPM Decision Numbers

An OPM decision number identifies decisions. The 12-character decision number is made up of C (for classification appeal), 4 digits for the OPM-certified occupational series of the position, 2 digits for the OPM-certified grade of the position, and 2 digits for the number of the decision for that particular series and grade.

For example, the decision number C-0802-11-02 indicates that it is a classification appeal decision for a position in the 0802 Engineering Technician occupational series at the grade 11 level and is the second decision issued with that series and grade determination.

If the grade is 00 or the series is 0000, that indicates we made a determination on only the series or the pay system; that is, whether the position should be in the Federal Wage System or the General Schedule.

The Order of Decisions

The decisions in the General Schedule, Federal Wage System and Pay System tables are listed in numerical order by occupational series and within series by grade.

Outcome Entries

The following entries describe our classification appeal decision. If the OPM-certified pay system or occupational series or grade differs from the pay system or occupational series or grade assigned to the position by the agency, we note only what the difference is.

No Change
The OPM-certified pay system, occupational series, and grade matches the pay system, occupational series, and grade assigned to the position by the agency.
New Pay System
The OPM-certified pay system differs from the pay system assigned to the position by the agency.
New Series
The OPM-certified series differs from the series assigned to the position assigned by the agency.
The OPM-certified grade is higher than the grade assigned to the position by the agency.
The OPM-certified grade is lower than the grade assigned to the position by the agency.

About Grade Changes

Although the OPM-certified grade may be higher or lower than the grade assigned by the agency, this does not necessarily mean the grade of the employee in the position will automatically go up or down. An agency has a number of options available to it when complying with an OPM classification decision. Regardless of our decision, the employee's agency still has full control over the assignment of duties to a position and who performs those duties. Any personnel action affecting an employee resulting from our classification appeal decision will be taken by the employee's agency.


Because of the detailed information required and the fact finding and analysis work we must do in a classification appeal case, we cannot respond to specific questions about your individual situation. Specific questions about your own position should be addressed to your agency's human resources office. If you have general questions about a particular classification appeal decision, please contact the OPM office serving your area. This highlighted link will take you to the addresses, telephone numbers, and service areas of our offices that provide classification appeal information and accept classification appeals.

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Fact Sheets

You must file a classification or job grading appeal in writing.

Info that Should be Included in a Classification Appeal Filed with OPM

You may have a representative (designated in writing) help you prepare and submit your appeal case, but the representative cannot be someone with management or classification authority over your position. You or your designated representative, who must be designated in writing, should send your appeal to the Office of Personnel Management office serving the geographical area where your position is located.

If you decide to submit a classification appeal to us, it should contain the following information in writing and must be signed by you or your duly authorized representative:

  • Your name, mailing address, and commercial office telephone number;
  • The present classification of your position and the requested classification;
  • The name of the department or agency and the office in which you work;
  • The city where you are employed and the installation's mailing address;
  • A copy of your official position description and either a statement affirming that it is accurate or a detailed explanation of the inaccuracies and an explanation of the efforts made to correct the position description;
  • Any additional information about the position that will aid in understanding it; and
  • Arguments supporting the requested classification by referencing the appropriate classification standards.

OPM Fact Finding

Our appeal decision is based on information supplied by you and your agency. If we need additional information, we will call, write, or visit the work site. If we conduct an interview or desk audit, you will be the only person present unless you are in a General Schedule position and we ask another person to participate. We do not conduct appeal hearings

When we conduct fact finding, it is important that you emphasize the major areas of your work and how your position fits into your unit's and agency's operations. Most importantly, do not understate or exaggerate your duties and responsibilities.

Effective Dates and Back Pay

The effective date of a classification appeal decision can be retroactive only if it corrects a classification action that resulted in an actual decrease in pay.

In order for the decision to be made retroactive, the employee must appeal the classification to either the agency or the Office of Personnel Management, but not both at the same time, within 15 calendar days after the effective date of the reclassification action.

Retroactivity may be based only on duties and responsibilities existing at the time of demotion and cannot be based on duties and responsibilities assigned later.

Cancellation or Withdrawal of an Appeal

You may withdraw your appeal at any time before we issue a decision.

We may cancel your appeal if you or your designated representative fail to provide requested information or if you leave the position that is being appealed.

Cautionary Note

These pages explain the position classification appeals process available to current employees of the United States Federal Government. Former employees of the United States Federal Government may not file a classification appeal.

You should be aware that there might be a delay between official publication of materials and their change or appearance on these pages. We will make every effort to correct errors that come to our attention.

The Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations, published by the National Archives and Records Administration, remain the official sources for regulations published by the Office of Personnel Management. The Office of Personnel Management's regulations for classification appeals for General Schedule employees are in subpart F of part 511 of title 5, Code of Federal Regulations. Regulations for job grading appeals for Federal Wage System employees are in subpart G of part 532 of title 5, Code of Federal Regulations. You must file a classification or job grading appeal in writing. However, you may send comments or general questions to us electronically.

Why You Must File a Classification Appeal in Writing

You must file a classification appeal in writing because the appeal must have an original signature by you or your designated representative. Additionally, a classification appeal frequently contains supporting documentation such as position descriptions, organizational charts, and work samples that are not available electronically.

Please see our frequently asked questions section if you have any additional questions about how to file a classification appeal.

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General Schedule

Readers are advised that decisions listed on this page include those based on since superceded classifications standards.

See the overview section for information about downloading decisions, decision numbers, outcome entries and grade changes.

You must file a classification or job grading appeal in writing.
0000 Miscellaneous Occupations Group
0007 Correctional Officer
C-0007-09-01, 08/22/03 no change
0018 Safety and Occupational Health Management
C-0018-09-01, 08/11/99, no change
C-0018-09-02,08/31/99, downgraded
C-0018-09-03, 03/03/08, no change
C-0018-11-01, 05/15/01, no change
C-0018-11-02, 07/11/03, no change
C-0018-11-03, 04/06/07, no change
C-0018-11-04, 09/12/08, new title
C-0018-12-01, 11/04/96, no change
C-0018-12-02, 08/18/00, no change
C-0018-12-03, 04/19/01, no change
C-0018-12-04, 07/15/02, no change
C-0018-12-05, 09/23/03, no change
C-0018-12-06, 03/03/05, no change
C-0018-12-07, 06/15/10 no change
C-0018-12-08, 05/02/12 no change
C-0018-12-09, 10/16/12 new series, downgraded
C-0018-13-01, 06/26/02xx, no change
0023 Outdoor Recreation Planner
C-0023-09-01, 03/22/07, no change
0025 Park Ranger
C-0025-07-01, 05/22/00, no change
C-0025-09-01, 08/10/99, new series
C-0025-11-01, 03/25/97, no change
C-0025-11-02, 12/17/98, no change, but reconsidered and superseded by C-0025-11-03, dated 4/7/99
C-0025-11-03, 04/07/99, reconsideration of C-0025-11-02, dated 12/17/98; no change to original OPM decision
C-0025-13-01, 08/01/06, no change
C-0025-14-01, 06/22/00, no change
C-0025-14-02, 05/23/02, upgraded
C-0025-14-03, 10/16/02, upgraded
C-0025-14-04, 11/03/05, upgraded
0028 Environmental Protection Specialist
C-0028-09-01, 10/29/02, no change
C-0028-09-02, 02/13/03, no change
C-0028-11-01, 11/15/96, no change
C-0028-11-02, 11/04/99, downgraded
C-0028-11-03, 07/24/02, no change
C-0028-11-04, 08/24/11 new series
C-0028-12-01, 12/30/02, no change
C-0028-13-01, 11/01/03, upgraded
0029 Environmental Protection Assistant
C-0029-07-01, 02/13/01, no change
C-0029-07-02, 08/14/02, upgraded
C-0029-07-03, 05/09/03, new series
C-0029-07-04, 05/09/03, new series
0080 Security Administration
C-0080-09-01, 12/05/96, no change
C-0080-09-02, 11/06/03, no change
C-0080-09-03, 08/20/04, downgraded
C-0080-09-04, 08/08/06, new series
C-0080-11-01, 09/12/11 no change
C-0080-12-01, 12/29/03, no change
0081 Fire Protection and Prevention
C-0081-01-01, 08/11/08, no change
C-0081-05-01, 05/29/97, no change
C-0081-05-02, 12/08/97, no change
C-0081-05-03, 05/11/06, no change
C-0081-05-04, 05/30/06, no change
C-0081-05-05, 02/17/09, no change
C-0081-06-01, 04/21/06, upgraded
C-0081-06-02, 05/16/06, upgraded
C-0081-06-03, 05/19/06, new title
C-0081-06-04, 01/19/07, no change
C-0081-07-01, 01/30/01, no change
C-0081-07-02, 05/24/11 no change
C-0081-07-03, 03/22/12 no change
C-0081-08-01, 01/19/06, no change
C-0081-08-02, 1/19/06, no change
C-0081-08-03, 03/10/06, upgraded
C-0081-08-04, 03/20/08, new title
C-0081-08-05, 05/06/09 no change
C-0081-09-01, 03/03/05, no change
C-0081-09-02, 11/30/05, no change
C-0081-09-03, 02/24/06 upgraded
C-0081-09-04, 02/14/11 no change
C-0081-10-01, 12/04/01, upgraded
0083 Police
C-0083-05-01, 03/03/00, no change
C-0083-07-01, 01/22/98, no change
C-0083-07-02, 12/04/98, upgraded
C-0083-07-03, 01/18/01, new series
This decision reopened, reconsidered, and superseded, OPM decision number C-0083-08-02, dated 1/3/00
C-0083-07-04, 11/16/06, no change
C-0083-08-01, 03/17/98, no change
C-0083-08-02, 01/03/00, This decision was reopened, reconsidered, and superseded by OPM decision number C-0083-07-03, dated 1/18/01
C-0083-09-01, 12/21/99, new series
C-0083-09-02, 12/21/99, new series
C-0083-09-03, 03/07/13 upgraded
0085 Security Guard
C-0085-04-01, 11/27/12 downgraded
C-0085-05-01, 11/27/12 downgraded
C-0085-07-01, 11/27/12 downgraded
0086 Security Clerk
C-0086-04-01, 05/18/05, no change

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0100 Social Science, Psychology, and Welfare Group
0101 Social Science
C-0101-09-01, 09/13/96, no change
C-0101-09-02, 11/02/01, no change
C-0101-09-03, 04/28/03, no change
C-0101-12-01, 10/17/02, no change
C-0101-12-02, 10/17/02, no change
C-0101-12-03, 05/18/05, no change
C-0101-12-04, 05/09/11 new title
C-0101-14-01, 09/05/02, no change
0102 Social Science Aide and Technician
C-0102-05-01, 09/03/96, no change
0105 Social Insurance Administration
C-0105-11-01, 05/14/97, no change
C-0105-11-02, 01/06/98, no change
C-0105-11-03, 01/15/98, no change
C-0105-12-01, 04/10/95, no change
C-0105-12-02, 11/22/96, no change
C-0105-12-03, 12/11/96, no change
C-0105-12-04, 10/02/00, no change
C-0105-12-05, 12/02/05, no change
C-0105-12-06, 12/02/05, no change
C-0105-12-07, 02/11/08, downgraded
0106 Unemployment Insurance Program Specialist
C-0106-12-01, 08/16/05, no change
0107 Health Insurance Administration
C-0107-12-01, 03/22/05, no change
C-0107-13-01, 08/08/02, no change
C-0107-14-01, 12/03/01, no change
0110 Economist
C-0110-13-01, 10/30/00, no change
0170 History
C-0170-11-01, 12/03/99, no change
C-0170-13-01, 08/24/04, no change
0181 Psychology Aide and Technician
C-0181-05-01, 11/02/01, no change
C-0181-07-01, 11/26/96, no change
0185 Social Work
C-0185-09-01, 05/16/03, new series
C-0185-11-01, 04/26/00, no change
C-0185-11-02, 10/16/03, no change
C-0185-12-01, 05/22/03, upgraded
C-0185-12-02, 09/12/03, no change
0186 Social Services Aide and Assistant
C-0186-06-01, 09/30/98, no change
0187 Social Sciences
C-0187-08-01, 08/25/99, no change
0188 Recreation Specialist
C-0188-09-01, 03/04/97, upgraded
0190 Anthropologist
C-0190-09-01, 06/15/04, no change
0193 Archeology
C-0193-09-01, 06/17/10 no change
C-0193-09-02, 02/16/11 no change
C-0193-09-03, 02/18/11 no change
C-0193-11-01, 01/31/00, no change

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0200 Human Resources Management Group
0201 Human Resources Management
C-0201-09-01, 03/22/99, no change
C-0201-09-02, 08/26/05, new series, downgraded
C-0201-09-03, 07/10/2007, downgraded
C-0201-09-04, 05/14/08, new title
C-0201-11-01, 12/30/96, no change
C-0201-11-02, 09/21/00, no change
C-0201-11-03, 05/14/02, no change
C-0201-11-04, 06/24/02, no change
C-0201-11-05, 02/29/08, no change
C-0201-12-01, 10/25/96, no change
C-0201-12-02, 04/21/99, upgraded
C-0201-12-03, 10/29/03, no change
C-0201-12-04, 03/22/05, no change
C-0201-13-01, 12/13/96, new series
C-0201-13-02, 06/18/98, no change
C-0201-13-03, 11/07/00, no change
C-0201-13-04, 06/06/03, no change
C-0201-13-05, 11/04/03, new title
C-0201-13-06, 04/21/05, no change
C-0201-13-07, 02/14/2006, no change
C-0201-13-08, 03/05/08, new title
C-0201-13-09, 02/17/12, no change
C-0201-14-01, 06/22/00, no change
0203 Personnel Clerical and Assistance
C-0203-04-01, 08/30/99, no change
C-0203-04-02, 08/16/00, no change
C-0203-05-01, 01/29/99, downgraded
C-0203-05-02, 03/29/01, new series
C-0203-05-03, 09/19/2005, no change
C-0203-06-01, 03/26/01, new series
C-0203-06-02, 08/04/2004, new title
C-0203-06-03, 03/26/12, new series
C-0203-07-01, 08/17/2005, new title, upgraded
C-0203-07-02, 12/02/2005, no change
C-0203-07-03, 03/10/06, downgraded
C-0203-07-04, 09/22/06, no change
C-0203-08-01, 01/05/06, new title
C-0203-08-02, 03/10/06, new title
C-0203-08-03, 04/28/06, no change
C-0203-08-04, 11/30/2007, no change
0204 Military Personnel Clerical and Technician
C-0204-04-01, 07/16/99, no change
C-0204-05-01, 03/21/97, no change
C-0204-05-02, 12/12/97, downgraded
C-0204-05-03, 07/13/98, no change
0205 Military Personnel Management
C-0205-09-01, 03/27/97, no change
0233 Labor Relations
C-0233-11-01, 01/30/98, no change
C-0233-12-01, 06/29/00, no change
0235 Employee Development
C-0235-11-01, 11/20/96, no change
C-0235-11-02, 06/19/00, no change
C-0235-13-01, 12/01/97, no change
0260 Equal Employment Opportunity
C-0260-09-01, 02/27/13 downgraded
C-0260-11-01, 08/25/99, no change
C-0260-12-01, 01/10/97, no change
C-0260-12-02, 07/29/98, no change
C-0260-12-03, 02/18/99, no change
C-0260-12-04, 10/07/99, no change
C-0260-12-05, 01/06/00, no change
C-0260-12-06, 10/27/05, no change
C-0260-12-07, 10/20/06, downgraded

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0300 General Administration, Clerical, and Office Services Group
0301 Miscellaneous Administration and Program
C-0301-02-01, 12/22/08, new series
C-0301-09-01, 09/26/97, no change
C-0301-09-02, 02/05/98, no change
C-0301-09-03, 07/17/01, no change
C-0301-09-04, 03/07/07, no change
C-0301-11-01, 04/25/00, new series, downgraded
C-0301-11-02, 02/28/02, no change
C-0301-11-03, 03/09/05, new series
C-0301-11-04, 03/21/07, upgraded
C-0301-12-01, 03/08/96, no change
C-0301-12-02, 10/29/97, no change
C-0301-12-03, 10/30/98, no change
C-0301-12-04, 12/02/98, new series
C-0301-12-05, 03/24/00, no change
C-0301-12-07, 03/21/03, no change
C-0301-12-08, 01/25/10, no change
C-0301-12-09, 03/29/11, no change
C-0301-12-10, 07/02/12, downgraded
C-0301-13-01, 02/11/00, no change
C-0301-13-02, 12/12/05, new series
C-0301-14-01, 08/19/02, no change
C-0301-14-02, 10/06/03, no change
0303 Miscellaneous Clerk and Assistant
C-0303-II-01, 01/26/06, no change
C-0303-00-01, 05/21/99, new series
C-0303-03-01, 09/25/97, new series, downgraded
C-0303-03-02, 01/12/00, no change
C-0303-03-03, 09/15/03, downgraded
C-0303-03-04, 03/09/05, downgraded
C-0303-03-05, 01/29/08, no change
C-0303-04-01, 10/13/97, no change
C-0303-04-02, 02/27/99, downgraded
C-0303-04-03, 07/26/99, no change
C-0303-04-04, 07/29/02, downgraded
C-0303-04-05, 09/19/02, new series
C-0303-04-06, 07/02/04, no change
C-0303-04-07, 09/25/06, no change
C-0303-04-08, 03/18/09, new series, downgraded
C-0303-04-09, 07/08/10, no change
C-0303-05-01, 10/16/96, no change
C-0303-05-02, 04/14/97, downgraded
C-0303-05-03, 08/05/98, new series, downgraded
C-0303-05-04, 04/01/99, no change
C-0303-05-05, 04/09/99, no change
C-0303-05-06, 05/03/99, downgraded
C-0303-05-07, 06/09/99, no change
C-0303-05-08, 07/21/98, upgraded
C-0303-05-09, 08/19/99, no change
C-0303-05-10, 01/14/00, no change
C-0303-05-11, 12/07/00, no change
C-0303-05-12, 12/26/00, no change
C-0303-05-13, 01/03/01, downgraded
C-0303-05-14, 02/26/01, no change
C-0303-05-15, 06/18/02, no change
C-0303-05-16, 10/04/02, no change
C-0303-05-17, 10/04/02, downgraded
C-0303-05-18, 10/21/02, no change
C-0303-05-19, 12/31/02, no change
C-0303-05-20, 03/10/06, new title
C-0303-05-21, 06/28/06, no change
C-0303-05-22, 07/10/07, no change
C-0303-05-23, 07/27/07, downgraded
C-0303-05-24, 06/05/12, downgraded
C-0303-06-01, 02/03/97, no change
C-0303-06-02, 02/07/00, no change
C-0303-06-03, 02/24/00, no change
C-0303-06-04, 08/30/02, no change
C-0303-06-05, 10/01/02, no change
C-0303-06-06, 10/04/02, new series
C-0303-06-07, 12/02/02, no change
C-0303-06-08, 12/08/03, no change
C-0303-06-09, 05/18/05, downgraded
C-0303-06-10, 05/18/05, downgraded
C-0303-06-11, 08/17/05, no change
C-0303-06-12, 02/17/06, no change
C-0303-06-13, 08/18/06, new title
C-0303-06-14, 07/13/10, no change
C-0303-06-15, 10/08/10, downgraded
C-0303-06-16, 01/06/11, new series, downgraded
C-0303-07-01, 10/30/97, no change
C-0303-07-02, 02/05/98, no change
C-0303-07-03, 01/20/99, no change
C-0303-07-04, 02/07/00, no change
C-0303-07-05, 05/08/01, no change
C-0303-07-06, 05/08/01, no change
C-0303-07-07, 08/31/01, new series
C-0303-07-08, 07/18/03, no change
C-0303-07-09, 06/14/06, no change
C-0303-07-10, 07/26/06, no change
C-0303-07-11, 03/13/09, no change
C-0303-07-12, 10/08/10, no change
C-0303-07-13, 11/15/10, no change
0304 Information Receptionist
C-0304-03-01, 07/19/00, no change
0305 Mail and File
C-0305-00-01, 09/04/98, new series
C-0305-03-01, 07/21/97, no change
C-0305-03-02, 11/19/98, no change
C-0305-03-03, 12/28/98, no change
C-0305-03-04, 01/14/99, no change
C-0305-03-05, 07/02/04, no change
C-0305-04-01, 06/12/01, new series
C-0305-04-02, 02/01/07, no change
C-0305-04-03, 11/03/09, no change
C-0305-04-04, 01/11/11, new title
C-0305-05-01, 07/23/01, new series
C-0305-06-01, 07/29/97, new series
0318 Secretary
C-0318-05-01, 07/10/97, downgraded
C-0318-05-02, 08/21/97, no change
C-0318-05-03, 10/08/97, no change
C-0318-05-04, 01/30/98, no change
C-0318-05-05, 03/04/98, no change
C-0318-05-06, 03/05/98, no change
C-0318-05-07, 04/20/98, new series, upgraded
C-0318-05-08, 09/26/00, no change
C-0318-05-09, 12/04/00, no change
C-0318-05-10, 12/07/01, no change
C-0318-05-11, 03/03/05, no change
C-0318-05-12, 09/28/05, no change
C-0318-06-01, 11/05/98, new series
C-0318-06-02, 01/06/00, no change
C-0318-06-03, 12/19/00, no change
C-0318-06-04, 05/17/01, no change
C-0318-06-05, 05/24/01, no change
C-0318-06-06, 05/10/02, no change
C-0318-07-01, 08/04/99, upgraded
C-0318-07-02, 11/15/99, downgraded
C-0318-07-03, 08/15/00, no change
C-0318-07-04, 04/04/02, no change
C-0318-07-05, 08/07/03, no change
C-0318-07-06, 10/15/03, no change
C-0318-07-07, 05/11/07, downgraded
C-0318-07-08, 05/09/11, no change
C-0318-08-01, 09/18/01, no change
0326 Office Automation Clerical and Assistance
C-0326-04-01, 08/27/99, no change
C-0326-04-02, 05/22/03, no change
C-0326-04-03, 08/25/05, no change
C-0326-05-01, 11/05/96, no change
C-0326-05-02, 11/12/03, downgraded
C-0326-05-03, 11/12/03, downgraded
C-0326-05-04, 08/18/05, no change
C-0326-05-05, 02/08/08, no change
0334 Computer Specialist
C-0334-09-01, 08/14/97, new series, downgraded
C-0334-09-02, 08/27/97, no change
C-0334-09-03, 11/12/98, no change
C-0334-09-04, 11/04/99, no change
C-0334-11-01, 08/09/96, no change
C-0334-11-02, 04/24/97, no change
C-0334-11-03, 11/13/97, no change
C-0334-11-04, 11/13/98, no change
C-0334-11-05, 01/29/99, no change
C-0334-11-06, 05/14/99, no change
C-0334-11-07, 05/21/99, no change
C-0334-11-08, 07/31/00, no change
C-0334-11-09, 12/19/00, no change
C-0334-12-01, 04/12/96, no change
C-0334-13-01, 01/07/99, no change
C-0334-13-02, 04/07/93, no change
0335 Computer Clerk and Assistant
C-0335-05-01, 03/30/07, no change
C-0335-06-01, 09/30/96, new series
C-0335-06-02, 06/03/99, no change
C-0335-06-03, 01/17/02, no change
C-0335-06-04, 02/08/02, no change
C-0335-06-05, 05/30/02, downgraded
C-0335-06-06, 12/27/02, no change
C-0335-07-01, 06/06/01, no change
C-0335-07-02, 12/18/01, no change
C-0335-07-03, 02/22/02, no change
C-0335-07-04, 03/12/02, no change
C-0335-07-05, 08/01/02, no change
C-0335-07-06, 06/02/03, new series
C-0335-07-07, 03/30/06, new series
C-0335-07-08, 05/14/07, no change
C-0335-07-09, 06/16/08, no change
C-0335-07-10, 04/14/09, no change
C-0335-08-01, 05/15/03, no change
C-0335-09-01, 07/24/98, no change
C-0335-09-02, 07/17/01, no change
C-0335-09-03, 01/31/02, no change
C-0335-09-04, 06/20/02, new series
C-0335-09-05, 04/18/03, no change
C-0335-09-06, 07/18/03, no change
C-0335-10-01, 07/17/01, no change
0340 Program Management
C-0340-02-01, 03/26/08, no change
C-0340-13-01, 11/20/01, no change
C-0340-13-02, 05/16/03, no change
C-0340-14-01, 02/18/97, upgraded
0341 Administrative Officer
C-0341-09-01, 02/26/99, no change
C-0341-09-02, 05/09/03, downgraded
C-0341-11-01, 04/11/03, no change
C-0341-12-01, 05/14/97, no change
C-0341-12-02, 10/07/98, no change
C-0341-12-03, 10/14/99, no change
C-0341-12-04, 08/03/00, no change
C-0341-12-05, 05/25/01, no change
C-0341-12-06, 07/02/04, no change
C-0341-12-07, 08/12/05, no change
C-0341-12-08, 08/12/05, no change
C-0341-14-01, 02/07/97, no change
0342 Support Services Administration
C-0342-00-01, 01/31/00, series determination only
C-0342-05-01, 06/06/97, no change
C-0342-07-01, 01/23/03, no change
C-0342-11-01, 01/15/98, no change
C-0342-12-01, 12/13/96, downgraded
C-0342-12-02, 02/17/00, no change
C-0342-12-03, 10/11/01, no change
C-0342-13-01, 07/11/07, new series
0343 Management and Program Analysis
C-0343-09-01, 09/26/97, no change
C-0343-09-02, 08/21/00, no change
C-0343-09-03, 06/15/04, no change
C-0343-09-04, 08/17/05, no change
C-0343-09-05, 10/31/05, no change
C-0343-11-01, 08/09/96, new series
C-0343-11-02, 04/24/00, no change
C-0343-11-03, 01/15/04, downgraded
C-0343-11-04, 06/30/09, new titled, downgraded
C-0343-11-05, 02/27/13, downgraded
C-0343-12-01, 03/11/98, no change
C-0343-12-02, 07/27/98, downgraded
C-0343-12-03, 11/15/00, downgraded
C-0343-12-04, 10/18/01, no change
C-0343-12-05, 06/25/04, no change
C-0343-12-06, 12/12/06, no change
C-0343-12-07, 11/30/07, no change
C-0343-13-01, 08/08/97, no change
C-0343-13-02, 03/28/02, no change
C-0343-14-01, 07/07/99, no change
C-0343-14-02, 05/31/02, no change
0344 Management and Program Clerical and Assistance
C-0344-06-01, 08/02/96, no change
C-0344-06-02, 08/08/96, upgraded
C-0344-07-01, 05/16/00, no change
C-0344-07-02, 02/19/02, no change
C-0344-07-03, 01/11/10, new title
0346 Logistics Management
C-0346-11-01, 01/05/00, no change
0350 Equipment Operator
C-0350-04-01, 02/18/97, new series, downgraded
C-0350-04-02, 11/17/99, no change
0360 Equal Opportunity Compliance
C-0360-11-01, 08/23/05, no change
C-0360-12-01, 01/12/01, downgraded
0361 Equal Opportunity Assistance
C-0361-08-01, 10/27/97, downgraded
0382 Telephone Operating
C-0382-03-01, 04/16/03, new series, downgraded
C-0382-04-01, 06/11/03, no change
0391 Telecommunications
C-0391-09-01, 07/10/97, no change
C-0391-09-02, 09/24/97, no change
C-0391-09-03, 05/15/00, no change
C-0391-09-04, 08/07/03, downgraded
C-0391-11-01, 10/12/06, no change
C-0391-12-01, 01/30/02, no change
C-0391-12-02, 01/31/02, no change
C-0391-12-03, 10/17/03, no change

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0400 Biological Sciences Group
0401 General Biological Science
C-0401-09-01, 08/06/97, no change
C-0401-11-01, 04/24/00, no change
C-0401-11-02, 12/26/00, no change
C-0401-12-01, 01/08/01, no change
C-0401-12-02, 05/16/03, no change
C-0401-12-03, 07/18/03, no change
C-0401-13-01, 07/31/00, no change
C-0401-13-02, 08/22/00, no change
C-0401-13-03, 12/27/00, no change
C-0401-14-01, 02/01/02, no change
C-0401-14-02, 06/15/04, no change
C-0401-14-03, 07/29/10, no change
0404 Biological Science Technician
C-0404-07-01, 09/03/10, no change
C-0404-07-02, 05/30/12, no change
0413 Physiology
C-0413-13-01, 11/19/99, no change
C-0413-14-01, 04/13/99, upgraded
0415 Toxicology
C-0415-13-01, 07/12/99, no change
0430 Botany
C-0430-11-01, 02/24/03, no change
0434 Plant Pathology
C-0434-12-01, 08/27/02, downgraded
0435 Plant Physiology
C-0435-12-01, 07/23/01, no change
C-0435-13-01, 12/01/98, no change
0440 Genetics
C-0440-14-01, 03/07/03, no change
0454 Rangeland Management
C-0454-09-01, 03/05/07, no change
C-0454-11-01, 08/11/05, no change
C-0454-12-01, 01/08/01, no change
0455 Range Technician
C-0455-07-01, 04/06/99, no change
C-0455-07-02, 02/14/06, no change
0457 Soil Conservation
C-0457-11-01, 10/29/99, no change
C-0457-11-02, 03/30/01, no change
C-0457-11-03, 05/02/03, no change
C-0457-11-04, 12/14/11, no change
0458 Soil Conservation Technician
C-0458-07-01, 06/07/99, no change
0460 Forestry
C-0460-09-01, 02/19/98, no change
C-0460-09-02, 06/15/98, no change
C-0460-09-03, 09/01/98, no change
C-0460-09-04, 01/11/99, no change
C-0460-09-05, 11/19/99, no change
C-0460-09-06, 06/13/00, no change
C-0460-11-01, 03/31/97, no change
C-0460-11-02, 05/24/99, new series
C-0460-11-03, 12/17/99, no change
C-0460-11-04, 10/18/01, no change
C-0460-11-05, 03/28/03, no change
C-0460-11-06, 01/12/04, no change
C-0460-11-07, 05/18/05, no change
C-0460-12-01, 01/12/99, new series, upgraded
0462 Forestry Technician
C-0462-05-01, 12/07/01, no change
C-0462-06-01, 07/09/98, no change
C-0462-06-02, 06/05/03, no change
C-0462-07-01, 04/13/99, no change
C-0462-07-02, 02/07/00, no change
C-0462-07-03, 06/08/00, no change
C-0462-07-04, 06/28/02, no change
C-0462-07-05, 05/29/03, no change
C-0462-07-06, 12/07/06, no change
C-0462-07-07, 09/29/11, new title
C-0462-08-01, 04/17/00, no change
C-0462-09-01, 09/27/99, no change
C-0462-11-01, 03/22/01, no change
0470 Soil Science
C-0470-11-01, 07/03/03, no change
C-0470-13-01, 06/07/00, no change
C-0470-13-02, 02/28/02, no change
C-0470-14-01, 06/05/98, no change
0471 Agronomy
C-0471-14-01, 11/06/00, no change
0475 Agricultural Management
C-0475-11-01, 12/11/97, no change
0482 Fishery Biology
C-0482-11-01, 02/04/99, no change
0486 Wildlife Biology
C-0486-09-01, 12/02/96, no change
C-0486-12-01, 10/30/00, no change
C-0486-13-01, 10/24/06, no change
0487 Animal Science
C-0487-12-01, 11/09/99, no change

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0500 Accounting and Budget Group
0501 Financial Administration and Program
C-0501-00-01, 09/29/00, new series
C-0501-02-01, 09/16/08, no change
C-0501-09-01, 10/29/97, new series
C-0501-11-01, 05/24/99, new series
C-0501-11-02, 05/12/00, no change
C-0501-11-03, 08/17/00, no change
C-0501-11-04, 03/29/02, downgraded
C-0501-12-01, 05/31/01, no change
C-0501-12-02, 05/09/03, This decision reopened, reconsidered, and overturned OPM decision number C-501-11-04, dated March 29, 2002; downgraded
C-0501-12-03, 10/03/03, downgraded
0503 Financial Clerical and Assistance
C-0503-04-01, 10/20/98, no change
C-0503-04-02, 03/03/99, no change
C-0503-05-01, 08/13/08, no change
C-0503-05-02, 08/13/08, no change
C-0503-07-01, 05/24/07, no change
C-0503-07-02, 06/18/10, no change
0505 Financial Management
C-0505-13-01, 08/20/96, new series
C-0505-14-01, 08/20/96, no change
C-0505-14-02, 09/14/11, no change
0510 Accounting
C-0510-09-01, 02/26/98, no change
C-0510-11-01, 07/26/00, no change
C-0510-12-01, 07/13/93, no change
C-0510-12-02, 07/30/03, downgraded
C-0510-13-01, 10/23/98, no change
C-0510-14-01, 08/16/10, no change
0511 Auditing
C-0511-11-01, 04/22/98, no change
C-0511-11-02, 01/03/01, downgraded
C-0511-11-03, 04/10/06, downgraded
C-0511-12-01, 08/23/96, no change
C-0511-12-02, 04/30/98, no change
C-0511-12-03, 08/05/05, no change
C-0511-12-04, 05/16/07, new series
C-0511-12-05, 10/27/10, new series
C-0511-13-01, 10/08/99, no change
0525 Accounting Technician
C-0525-00-01, 11/20/00, series determination only
C-0525-04-01, 02/07/00, no change
C-0525-05-01, 04/25/97, new series
C-0525-05-02, 10/13/99, no change
C-0525-07-01, 06/05/00, no change
C-0525-07-02, 03/06/08, no change
0526 Tax Technician
C-0526-11-01, 08/06/97, no change
C-0526-11-02, 10/10/97, no change
0540 Voucher Examining
C-0540-05-01, 07/31/97, new series, downgraded
C-0540-06-01, 08/24/01, no change
0544 Civilian Pay
C-0544-06-01, 11/22/00, no change
C-0544-06-02, 08/22/12, no change
C-0544-08-01, 07/27/06, new series, downgraded
0560 Budget Analysis
C-0560-09-01, 10/23/96, no change
C-0560-09-02, 02/07/97, new series
C-0560-09-03, 03/06/98, no change
C-0560-09-04, 03/31/98, no change
C-0560-09-05, 07/19/05, downgraded
C-0560-11-01, 11/17/98, no change
C-0560-11-02, 11/15/02, no change
C-0560-11-03, 12/12/05, no change
C-0560-11-04, 03/29/12, no change
C-0560-12-01, 01/24/01, no change
C-0560-12-02, 02/15/01, no change
C-0560-13-01, 04/04/01, no change
C-0560-14-01, 11/07/04, no change
0561 Budget and Clerical Assistance
C-0561-05-01, 04/02/97, no change
C-0561-05-02, 09/04/98, new series
C-0561-06-01, 11/04/97, new series
C-0561-06-02, 04/03/06, new series
C-0561-07-01, 04/15/98, no change
C-0561-07-02, 04/20/98, new series, upgraded
C-0561-07-03, 11/21/05, no change
0592 Tax Examining
C-0592-05-01, 11/06/06, no change
C-0592-06-01, 08/03/06, no change
C-0592-07-01, 05/16/03, no change
C-0592-07-02, 12/24/03, no change
C-0592-07-03, 09/22/05, no change
C-0592-10-01, 10/05/99, no change

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0600 Medical, Hospital, Dental, and Public Health Group
0601 General Health Science
C-0601-09-01, 05/05/98, no change
C-0601-10-01, 09/07/01, no change
C-0601-11-01, 07/17/02, no change
C-0601-14-01, 03/04/03, no change
0603 Physician's Assistant
C-0603-11-01, 04/02/97, no change
C-0603-11-02, 04/02/97, no change
C-0603-11-03, 02/24/11, no change
C-0603-12-01, 04/29/11, new series
0610 Nurse
C-0610-09-01, 05/30/03, no change
C-0610-10-01, 05/24/00, no change
C-0610-10-02, 02/08/08, no change
0620 Practical Nurse
C-0620-05-01, 02/07/01, no change
C-0620-06-01, 02/02/01, no change
0621 Nursing Assistant
C-0621-04-01, 09/28/00, no change
C-0621-04-02, 05/23/12, downgraded
C-0621-05-01, 07/07/98, no change
C-0621-05-02, 02/11/00, no change
0622 Medical Supply Aide and Technician
C-0622-05-01, 12/20/99, no change
C-0622-05-02, 01/31/01, no change
C-0622-05-03, 06/25/04, no change
0636 Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant Series
C-0636-05-01, 03/30/06, new series
C-0636-06-01, 05/26/06, new series
C-0636-07-01, 05/26/06, new series
0640 Health Aide and Technician
C-0640-04-01, 12/28/02, no change
C-0640-04-02, 05/23/12, downgraded
C-0640-05-01, 09/30/98, no change
C-0640-05-02, 11/12/04, no change
C-0640-06-01, 02/08/99, no change
C-0640-06-02, 04/07/03, no change
C-0640-06-03, 10/31/05, no change
C-0640-06-04, 10/31/05, no change
C-0640-06-05, 03/03/10, no change
C-0640-07-01, 04/08/97, no change
C-0640-07-02, 03/17/00, no change
0644 Medical Technologist
C-0644-09-01, 02/28/01, no change
C-0644-09-02, 07/02/04, no change
C-0644-11-01, 02/21/96, no change
C-0644-11-02, 12/20/99, no change
C-0644-12-01, 12/24/96, no change
C-0644-12-02, 12/02/98, no change
0645 Medical Technician
C-0645-06-01, 08/26/99, no change
0647 Diagnostic Radiologic Technician
C-0647-05-01, 12/26/00, no change
C-0647-06-01, 04/30/97, no change
C-0647-07-01, 08/06/98, no change
C-0647-07-02, 04/23/99, no change
C-0647-08-01, 11/22/00, no change
0649 Medical Instrument Technician
C-0649-08-01, 05/19/00, no change
C-0649-08-02, 04/26/01, no change
0664 Restoration Technician
C-0664-09-01, 04/30/03, no change
0667 Orthotist and Prosthetist
C-0667-11-01, 07/21/95, no change
0669 Medical Records Administration
C-0669-09-01, 03/03/05, no change
0671 Health System Specialist
C-0671-09-01, 12/16/97, no change
C-0671-09-02, 01/06/00, no change
C-0671-09-03, 02/28/01, no change
C-0671-09-04, 10/27/05, no change
C-0671-12-01, 08/24/11, no change
0672 Prosthetic Representative
C-0672-12-01, 09/13/02, no change
0673 Hospital Housekeeping Management
C-0673-11-01, 09/25/02, no change
C-0673-11-02, 10/14/04, no change
C-0673-13-01, 09/19/05, no change
0675 Medical Records Technician
C-0675-04-01, 12/12/96, new series
C-0675-04-02, 04/22/97, no change
C-0675-06-01, 09/03/97, no change
C-0675-06-02, 03/23/99, no change
C-0675-06-03, 08/27/02, downgraded
C-0675-06-04, 04/11/06, no change
0679 Medical Support Assistance
C-0679-03-01, 12/04/01, no change
C-0679-04-01, 07/03/98, no change
C-0679-04-02, 01/28/99, no change
C-0679-04-03, 03/12/03, no change
C-0679-04-04, 11/20/08, downgraded
C-0679-05-01, 05/29/98, new series
C-0679-05-02, 03/07/00, upgraded
C-0679-05-03, 09/03/04, no change
C-0679-05-04, 02/14/06, no change
C-0679-05-05, 01/29/08, new series, downgraded
C-0679-05-06, 11/02/09, no change
C-0679-07-01, 08/23/02, no change
0681 Dental Assistant
C-0681-05-01, 09/30/96, upgraded
C-0681-06-01, 09/18/07, new title
0682 Dental Hygiene
C-0682-07-01, 06/30/99, no change
0683 Dental Laboratory Technician=
C-0683-08-01, 10/01,09, no change
0685 Public Health Program Specialist
C-0685-12-01, 04/24/97, downgraded
0690 Industrial Hygiene
C-0690-11-01, 07/29/03, no change
C-0690-12-01, 03/11/10, no change
C-0690-13-01, 03/20/97, upgraded
0696 Consumer Safety
C-0696-12-01, 05/26/99, no change
C-0696-12-02, 08/16/99, no change

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0800 Engineering and Architecture Group
0801 General Engineering
C-0801-12-01, 05/13/97, upgraded
C-0801-13-01, 08/06/97, no change
C-0801-13-02, 01/24/01, no change
C-0801-13-03, 11/25/02, no change
C-0801-13-04, 08/16/05, no change
C-0801-13-05, 12/29/06, no change
C-0801-14-01, 11/21/97, no change
0802 Engineering Technician
C-0802-00-05, 03/28/00, series determination only
C-0802-07-01, 11/17/97, no change
C-0802-07-02, 10/30/98, no change
C-0802-07-03, 06/16/11, new title
C-0802-08-01, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-01, 03/26/97, no change
C-0802-09-02, 06/30/97, no change
C-0802-09-03, 08/12/97, no change
C-0802-09-04, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-05, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-06, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-07, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-08, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-09, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-10, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-11, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-12, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-13, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-14, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-15, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-16, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-17, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-18, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-19, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-20, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-21, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-22, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-23, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-24, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-25, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-26, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-27, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-28, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-29, 02/13/98, no change
C-0802-09-30, 03/18/98, downgraded
C-0802-09-31, 04/01/98, downgraded
C-0802-09-32, 04/03/98, no change
C-0802-09-33, 06/04/98, no change
C-0802-09-34, 02/17/99, no change
C-0802-09-35, 05/12/99, no change
C-0802-09-36, 06/14/99, no change
C-0802-09-37, 11/04/99, no change
C-0802-09-38, 01/14/00, no change
C-0802-09-39, 01/25/00, no change
C-0802-09-40, 04/26/01, no change
C-0802-09-41, 02/15/02, no change
C-0802-09-42, 07/29/03, new series, downgraded
C-0802-09-43, 08/17/05, no change
C-0802-10-01, 11/26/96, no change
C-0802-10-02, 02/25/98, no change
C-0802-10-03, 05/28/98, no change
C-0802-10-04, 12/09/08, no change
C-0802-11-01, 05/09/97, no change
C-0802-11-02, 06/05/98, no change
C-0802-11-03, 07/23/98, no change
C-0802-11-04, 09/23/98, no change
C-0802-11-05, 02/05/99, no change
C-0802-11-06, 05/23/01, downgraded
C-0802-11-07, 01/20/03, no change
C-0802-11-08, 11/01/05, no change
C-0802-11-09, 12/20/05, no change
C-0802-11-10, 05/09/11, no change
0806 Materials Engineering
C-0806-13-01, 10/18/06, no change
0807 Landscape Architecture
C-0807-12-01, 03/23/98, no change
C-0807-13-01, 07/16/04, upgraded
0808 Architecture
C-0808-11-01, 04/07/97, downgraded
C-0808-11-02, 04/07/97, downgraded
C-0808-11-03, 11/17/97, no change
12/12/00: Factor 5 in the Summary of Factor Levels table on the last page was corrected to Factor Level 5-4 and 225 points. This changed to total points to 2,575 but did not affect the grade.
C-0808-12-01, 12/14/00, no change
C-0808-14-01, 09/30/08, no change
0809 Construction Control
C-0809-09-01, 09/09/96, no change
C-0809-09-02, 02/23/00, no change
C-0809-09-03, 02/23/00, no change
C-0809-09-04, 02/23/00, no change
C-0809-09-05, 05/23/12, downgraded
C-0809-10-01, 09/27/96, upgraded
0810 Civil Engineering
C-0810-11-01, 11/17/97, no change
C-0810-11-02, 04/28/99, no change
C-0810-11-03, 05/28/99, no change
C-0810-11-04, 05/28/99, no change
C-0810-11-05, 11/17/99, no change
C-0810-11-06, 09/06/00, no change
C-0810-11-07, 08/20/01, no change
C-0810-11-08, 12/29/03, no change
C-0810-12-01, 04/10/97, upgraded
C-0810-12-02, 04/06/01, no change
C-0810-12-03, 10/04/01, new series
C-0810-12-04, 09/23/02, new series
C-0810-12-05, 09/26/06, no change
0818 Engineering Drafting
C-0818-06-01, 08/15/97, no change
C-0818-06-02, 01/29/01, no change
C-0818-09-01, 11/12/02, no change
0819 Environmental Engineering
C-0819-11-01, 12/11/97, no change
C-0819-12-01, 05/20/02, no change
C-0819-13-01, 02/01/02, no change
0830 Mechanical Engineering
C-0830-11-01, 12/08/97, no change
C-0830-11-02, 08/20/01, no change
C-0830-12-01, 04/30/99, no change
C-0830-12-02, 06/24/03, no change
C-0830-12-03, 07/08/09, no change
0850 Electrical Engineering
C-0850-11-01, 02/01/00, no change
0855 Electronics Engineering
C-0855-11-01, 06/27/03, no change
C-0855-12-01, 08/22/05, no change
C-0855-13-01, 05/31/01, no change
0856 Electronics Technician
C-0856-09-01, 08/05/97, no change
C-0856-11-01, 11/16/99, no change
C-0856-11-02, 03/27/02, no change
C-0856-11-03, 01/30/03, no change
C-0856-11-04, 01/31/13, no change
0858 Biomedical Engineering
C-0858-14-01, 07/20/99, no change
0861 Aerospace Engineering
C-0861-13-01, 09/03/04, no change
0880 Mining Engineering
C-0880-13-01, 01/23/03, no change
0890 Agricultural Engineering
C-0890-11-01, 03/15/99, no change
C-0890-11-02, 02/27/01, no change
0896 Industrial Engineering
C-0896-11-01, 03/29/02, downgraded
C-0896-14-01, 10/28/02, no change

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0900 Legal and Kindred Group
0905 General Attorney
C-0905-12-01, 03/13/98, no change
C-0905-12-02, 03/07/05, no change
C-0905-13-01, 11/12/97, no change
C-0905-13-02, 03/10/98, no change
C-0905-13-03, 04/29/98, upgraded
C-0905-13-04, 04/28/99, no change
C-0905-13-05, 06/23/99, no change
C-0905-13-06, 11/17/00, upgraded
C-0905-13-07, 03/29/02, no change
C-0905-13-08, 03/20/13, new title
C-0905-14-01, 03/18/03, no change
C-0905-14-02, 05/07/04, new title
C-0905-14-03, 06/15/04, no change
0930 Hearings and Appeals
C-0930-12-01, 04/30/97, no change
C-0930-12-02, 03/05/98, no change
C-0930-13-01, 05/31/96, no change
C-0930-13-02, 10/22/96, no change
C-0930-13-03, 12/02/96, no change
C-0930-13-04, 12/05/96, no change
C-0930-13-05, 02/06/98, no change
0950 Paralegal Specialist
C-0950-11-01, 07/26/06, upgraded
0962 Contact Representative
C-0962-07-01, 07/16/99, no change
C-0962-07-02, 04/11/08, no change
C-0962-07-03, 08/29/12, no change
C-0962-08-01, 02/11/00, new series, downgraded
C-0962-12-01, 09/24/97, no change
0963 Legal Instruments Examining
C-0963-06-01, 12/12/96, no change
C-0963-07-01, 04/24/01, no change
C-0963-07-02, 03/03/05, new title
C-0963-07-03, 02/08/12, no change
C-0963-08-01, 11/21/97, upgraded
C-0963-09-01, 12/01/00, no change
0965 Land Law Examining
C-0965-09-01, 11/23/99, no change
This decision reopened, reconsidered, and superseded OPM decision number C-0965-11-01, dated 11/17/98 .
C-0965-11-01, 11/17/98, no change
This decision was reopened, reconsidered, and superseded by OPM decision number C-0965-09-01, dated 11/23/99.
0986 Legal Clerical and Assistance
C-0986-00-01, 09/10/99, new series; series determination only
C-0986-06-01, 08/26/05, new series
C-0986-07-01, 06/15/04, no change
0998 Claims Clerical
C-0998-05-01, 06/25/97, no change
C-0998-05-02, 10/30/02, no change
C-0998-05-03, 11/30/12, no change
C-0998-06-01, 01/07/98, no change

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1000 Information and Arts Group
1001 General Arts and Information
C-1001-05-01, 03/22/05, no change
C-1001-06-01, 05/31/06, no change
C-1001-07-01, 04/15/99, no change
C-1001-09-01, 05/18/05, no change
1008 Interior Design
C-1008-11-01, 12/10/98, new series
1015 Museum Curator
C-1015-12-01, 05/14/98, no change
1016 Museum Specialist and Technician
C-1016-09-01, 06/17/97, no change
1020 Illustrating
C-1020-09-01, 06/05/06, no change
1035 Public Affairs
C-1035-11-01, 10/01/98, no change
C-1035-11-02, 10/19/98, downgraded
C-1035-11-03, 11/22/11, no change
C-1035-11-04, 03/07/12, no change
C-1035-12-01, 05/21/98, new series
C-1035-12-02, 03/29/01, new series
1040 Language Specialist
C-1040-12-01, 05/31/00, upgraded
1071 Audiovisual Production
C-1071-09-01, 04/27/00, no change
C-1071-12-01, 10/16/97, no change
1082 Writing and Editing
C-1082-11-01, 12/16/99, no change
C-1082-11-02, 12/16/99, downgraded
1084 Visual Information
C-1084-11-01, 06/01/00, downgraded
1087 Editorial Assistance
C-1087-07-01, 04/06/00, new series
C-1087-07-02, 06/15/04, no change
C-1087-07-03, 10/27/10, new series, downgraded

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1100 Business and Industry Group
1101 General Business and Industry
C-1101-05-01, 03/23/01, new series
C-1101-05-02, 05/18/01, downgraded
C-1101-05-03, 03/31/03, new series
C-1101-06-01, 06/16/99, upgraded
C-1101-06-02, 02/27/06, no change
C-1101-06-03, 02/27/06, no change
C-1101-06-04, 07/11/06, downgraded
C-1101-06-05, 05/07/10, no change
C-1101-07-01, 06/27/01, This decision was reopened, reconsidered, and superseded by OPM decision number C-1101-07-02, dated 10/29/01.
C-1101-07-02, 10/29/01, This decision reopened, reconsidered, and superseded OPM decision number C-1101-07-01, dated 6/27/01.
C-1101-08-01, 11/30/00, no change
C-1101-09-01, 07/27/05, new series
C-1101-09-02, 11/15/11, no change
C-1101-09-03, 11/15/11, no change
C-1101-11-01, 10/16/97, no change
C-1101-11-02, 06/18/01, no change
C-1101-11-03, 06/15/04, no change
C-1101-11-04, 03/31/06, no change
C-1101-11-05, 03/27/07, no change
C-1101-11-06, 02/23/10, new series, downgraded
C-1101-12-01, 07/13/98, no change
C-1101-12-02, 12/20/01, no change
C-1101-12-03, 09/17/03, no change
C-1101-12-04, 08/11/08, no change
C-1101-13-01, 10/22/99, no change
C-1101-13-02, 09/26/01, no change
C-1101-14-01, 08/18/03, no change
1102 Contracting
C-1102-11-01, 04/27/98, no change
C-1102-11-02, 10/28/98, no change
C-1102-11-03, 11/30/99, downgraded
C-1102-11-04, 08/24/01, upgraded
C-1102-11-05, 08/30/05, no change
C-1102-12-01, 070/8/97, no change
C-1102-12-02, 01/29/01, no change
C-1102-12-03, 08/06/01, no change
C-1102-12-04, 07/07/03, no change
C-1102-12-05, 09/30/03, no change
C-1102-12-06, 01/16/04, no change
C-1102-12-07, 09/25/06, no change
C-1102-13-01, 12/19/96, no change
C-1102-13-02, 03/07/03, no change
C-1102-13-03, 08/20/04, new title, downgraded
C-1102-13-04, 08/25/09, no change
C-1102-14-01, 09/12/03, no change
1103 Industrial Property Management
C-1103-11-01, 08/06/97, no change
C-1103-11-02, 07/24/01, no change
1105 Purchasing
C-1105-05-01, 06/06/97, no change
C-1105-05-02, 08/24/00, no change
C-1105-05-03, 08/22/11, downgraded
C-1105-06-01, 06/30/98, no change
C-1105-06-02, 10/20/99, no change
C-1105-06-03, 03/10/00, upgraded
C-1105-06-04, 02/23/10, no change
C-1105-07-01, 07/24/98, no change
C-1105-07-02, 12/09/99, no change
C-1105-07-03, 07/27/05, no change
1106 Procurement Clerical and Technician
C-1106-04-01, 09/27/01, no change
C-1106-05-01, 03/05/96, new series
C-1106-05-02, 10/06/00, new series
C-1106-06-01, 04/26/99, new series
C-1106-06-02, 08/06/99, new series
C-1106-06-03, 04/12/01, no change
C-1106-06-04, 04/19/01, new series, downgraded
1130 Public Utilities Specialist
C-1130-11-01, 10/16/96, no change
C-1130-13-01, 10/16/96, no change
1145 Agricultural Program Specialist
C-1145-12-01, 07/12/01, no change
C-1145-12-02, 06/13/02, no change
C-1145-13-01, 11/28/97, upgraded
1146 Agricultural Marketing
C-1146-12-01, 06/17/98, no change
1152 Production Control
C-1152-09-01, 03/12/97, no change
C-1152-11-01, 04/12/00, new series
C-1152-11-02, 04/12/00, new series
C-1152-13-01, 07/12/01, new series
1165 Loan Specialist
C-1165-00-01, 04/12/00, new series
C-1165-09-01, 07/29/11, no change
C-1165-09-02, 07/29/11, no change
C-1165-09-03, 07/29/11, no change
C-1165-09-04, 07/29/11, no change
C-1165-09-05, 07/29/11, no change
C-1165-11-01, 05/15/98, no change
C-1165-12-01, 05/23/02, no change
1170 Realty
C-1170-09-01, 08/30/02, no change
C-1170-12-01, 01/30/98, no change
C-1170-12-02, 07/20/99, no change
1171 Appraising
C-1171-12-01, 12/13/96, no change
C-1171-12-02, 02/22/00, no change
C-1171-12-03, 01/18/02, no change
C-1171-12-04, 02/28/02, no change
1173 Housing Management
C-1173-08-01, 02/10/98, no change
C-1173-09-01, 04/11/00, no change
C-1173-11-01, 01/25/99, no change
C-1173-11-02, 03/09/99, no change
C-1173-11-03, 09/01/99, no change
C-1173-11-04, 11/16/99, no change
C-1173-11-05, 06/24/02, no change
1176 Building Management
C-1176-11-01, 04/16/99, no change

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1300 Physical Sciences Group
1301 General Physical Science
C-1301-11-01, 08/20/99, no change
C-1301-11-02, 07/08/03, no change
C-1301-12-01, 01/20/98, no change
C-1301-13-01, 09/10/01, no change
C-1301-13-02, 01/31/02, no change
C-1301-13-03, 10/25/02, no change
1306 Health Physics
C-1306-09-01, 06/19/00, new series
1310 Physicist
C-1310-III-01, 07/20/11, no change
1311 Physical Science Technician
C-1311-06-01, 08/30/99, downgraded
C-1311-07-01, 01/30/98, no change
1315 Hydrology
C-1315-11-01, 09/28/99, no change
C-1315-12-01, 11/19/99, no change
C-1315-12-02, 04/27/00, no change
C-1315-12-03, 07/22/08, no change
C-1315-14-01, 10/30/00, no change
C-1315-14-02, 03/03/05, no change
1320 Chemistry
C-1320-02-01, 06/17/10, no change
C-1320-12-01, 10/31/02, no change
C-1320-12-02, 07/21/04, no change
C-1320-12-03, 06/29/07, upgraded
C-1320-13-01, 02/06/09, no change
C-1320-15-01, 05/09/06, upgraded
1340 Meteorology
C-1340-12-01, 01/14/02, no change
C-1340-13-01, 01/14/02, no change
1350 Geology
C-1350-12-01, 08/07/98, no change
C-1350-12-02, 10/11/02, no change
1371 Cartographic Technician
C-1371-07-01, 01/28/98, no change
1382 Research Food Technologist
C-1382-14-01, 09/10/09, upgraded

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1400 Library and Archives Group
1410 Librarian
C-1410-11-01, 04/04/96, no change
C-1410-11-02, 08/08/07, no change
C-1410-11-03, 05/06/09, no change
C-1410-13-01, 05/27/04, no change
1411 Library Technician
C-1411-05-01, 12/18/98, downgraded
C-1411-05-02, 12/03/09, downgraded
1412 Technical Information Services
C-1412-09-01, 11/15/99, no change
1421 Archives Technician
C-1421-06-01, 10/27/10, no change
C-1421-07-01, 03/07/08, new series, downgraded

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1500 Mathematics and Statistics Group
1515 Operations Research
C-1515-12-01, 10/30/00, no change
1530 Statistician
C-1530-14-01, 04/05/06, no change

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1600 Equipment, Facilities, and Services Group
1601 General Facilities and Equipment
C-1601-09-01, 09/26/03, new series
C-1601-11-01, 10/12/00, new series, downgraded
C-1601-14-01, 06/20/01, no change
1603 Equipment, Facilities, and Services Assistance
C-1603-06-01, 09/17/04, new series
1640 Facility Management
C-1640-09-01, 05/29/02, no change
C-1640-11-01, 03/04/02, no change
C-1640-12-01, 02/13/97, no change
C-1640-13-01, 09/30/98, no change
1670 Equipment Specialist
C-1670-09-01, 04/02/03, no change
C-1670-09-02, 09/18/03, no change
C-1670-12-01, 09/10/98, new series, upgraded
C-1670-13-01, 11/21/97, new series

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1700 Education Group
1701 General Education and Training
C-1701-09-01, 04/09/97, new series
C-1701-09-02, 01/30/98, no change
1702 Education and Training Technician
C-1702-05-01, 05/14/98, no change
C-1702-06-01, 08/22/05, no change
1710 Education and Vocational Training
C-1710-09-01, 12/17/04, no change
C-1710-14-01, 09/29/98, no change
1712 Training Instruction
C-1712-09-01, 10/31/02, no change
C-1712-09-02, 10/24/03, no change
C-1712-09-03, 09/26/05, no change
C-1712-09-04, 12/21/05, new series
C-1712-09-05, 12/21/05, new series
C-1712-09-06, 08/14/06, new series
C-1712-11-01, 01/02/01, no change
1715 Vocational Rehabilitation
C-1715-11-01, 12/03/01, upgraded
1720 Education Program
C-1720-13-01, 08/06/02, no change
1740 Education Services
C-1740-11-01, 10/11/05, no change
C-1740-12-01, 09/25/01, no change

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1800 Investigation Group
1801 General Inspection, Investigation, and Compliance
C-1801-09-01, 10/30/98, upgraded
C-1801-09-02, 10/30/98, no change
C-1801-09-03, 04/16/99, new series, downgraded
This decision reopened, reconsidered, and superseded C-1801-11-03, dated 9/01/99.
C-1801-09-04, 12/03/99, no change
C-1801-09-05, 12/03/99, no change
C-1801-09-06, 12/03/99 no change
C-1801-09-07, 02/08/00, no change
C-1801-09-08, 02/08/00, no change
C-1801-09-09, 02/08/00, no change
C-1801-09-10, 03/06/00, no change
C-1801-09-11, 09/11/01, no change
C-1801-09-12, 05/31/09, no change
C-1801-09-13, 10/31/11, no change
C-1801-10-01, 07/16/98, no change
C-1801-11-01, 07/16/97, new series
C-1801-11-02, 06/23/98, no change
C-1801-11-03, 09/01/99, This decision was reopened, reconsidered, and superseded by C-1801-09-03, dated 4/16/99.
C-1801-11-04, 08/12/09, no change
C-1801-12-01, 11/13/96, new series
C-1801-12-02, 11/14/96, new series, downgraded
C-1801-12-03, 03/14/97, new series
C-1801-12-04, 03/26/97, new series
C-1801-12-05, 06/07/99, no change
C-1801-13-01, 09/30/97, no change
C-1801-13-02, 07/08/02, no change
C-1801-13-03, 07/19/10, no change
C-1801-13-04, 11/27/12, no change
C-1801-15-01, 12/23/97, no change
1802 Compliance Inspection and Support
C-1802-06-01, 04/05/10, new series, downgraded
C-1802-07-01, 05/28/98, new series
C-1802-07-02, 05/29/98, new series
C-1802-07-03, 04/01/99, no change
C-1802-07-04, 01/06/11, new series
C-1802-08-01, 07/14/04, new title
C-1802-09-01, 02/27/01, new series, downgraded
C-1802-09-02, 02/27/02, new series, downgraded
C-1802-09-03, 08/23/02, no change
C-1802-09-04, 10/31/02, no change
1810 General Investigating
C-1810-12-01, 05/04/01, no change
C-1810-12-02, 07/01/05, no change
1811 Criminal Investigating
C-1811-09-01, 01/26/99, no change
C-1811-12-01, 08/28/96, no change
C-1811-12-02, 10/21/96, no change
C-1811-12-03, 07/03/97, new series, upgraded
C-1811-12-04, 07/25/97, no change
C-1811-12-05, 08/11/97, no change
C-1811-12-06, 10/09/97, no change
C-1811-12-07, 10/10/97, no change
C-1811-12-08, 01/22/98, no change
C-1811-12-09, 05/14/98, no change
C-1811-12-10, 08/07/98, no change
C-1811-12-11, 05/06/99, no change
C-1811-12-12, 05/28/99, no change
C-1811-12-13, 06/15/99, no change
C-1811-12-14, 08/30/00, no change
C-1811-12-15, 11/06/00, no change
C-1811-12-16, 02/08/02, no change
C-1811-12-17, 09/03/02, no change
C-1811-13-01, 06/04/96, no change
C-1811-13-02, 07/03/97, new series, upgraded
C-1811-13-03, 04/23/01, no change
C-1811-13-04, 07/12/01, no change
C-1811-14-01, 12/02/96, no change
C-1811-14-02, 05/30/00, no change
1816 Immigration Inspection
C-1816-11-01, 05/05/97, no change
C-1816-12-01, 09/30/02, no change
C-1816-13-01, 09/23/99, no change
C-1816-14-01, 06/21/02, no change
1822 Mine Safety and Health Inspection
C-1822-13-01, 06/15/04, no change
1862 Consumer Safety Inspection
C-1862-09-01, 02/28/08, no change
C-1862-09-02, 06/18/12, no change
1890 Customs Inspection
C-1890-09-01, 08/31/01, no change
C-1890-11-01, 09/04/98, no change
C-1890-11-02, 09/20/01, no change
C-1890-12-01, 09/23/03, no change
1896 Border Patrol
C-1896-11-01, 07/24/03, no change
C-1896-11-02, 07/02/04, no change
C-1896-12-01, 11/21/00, no change
C-1896-12-02, 04/05/01, no change
C-1896-14-01, 11/15/00, no change
C-1896-14-02, 11/15/00, no change
1897 Customs Mail
C-1897-09-01, 05/12/05, no change

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1900 Quality Assurance, Inspection, and Grading Group
1910 Quality Assurance
C-1910-09-01, 01/22/97, no change
C-1910-11-01, 06/13/03, no change
C-1910-11-02, 01/31/05, new series
C-1910-11-03, 03/28/05, no change
C-1910-11-04, 03/03/05, no change
C-1910-11-05, 09/13/07, new series, downgraded
C-1910-11-06, 09/18/08, no change
C-1910-12-01, 12/28/00, no change
1980 Agricultural Commodity Grading
C-1980-09-01, 08/29/97, no change
C-1980-09-02, 04/26/00, no change
1981 Agricultural Commodity Aide
C-1981-06-01, 08/29/97, no change

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2000 Supply Group
2001 General Supply
C-2001-10-01, 05/15/98, no change
C-2001-11-01, 03/31/98, no change
2003 Supply Program Management
C-2003-09-01, 08/19/99, downgraded
C-2003-09-02, 06/15/04, no change
C-2003-12-01, 12/05/12, downgraded
2005 Supply Clerical and Technician
C-2005-04-01, 08/27/02, no change
C-2005-05-01, 04/07/97, no change
C-2005-05-02, 10/07/97, downgraded
C-2005-05-03, 09/10/98, no change
C-2005-05-04, 04/12/99, no change
C-2005-05-05, 09/20/99, no change
C-2005-05-06, 01/10/01, no change
C-2005-05-07, 08/05/05, downgraded
C-2005-05-08, 08/16/05, no change
C-2005-06-01, 11/04/97, no change
C-2005-06-02, 01/26/99, upgraded
C-2005-06-03, 08/06/99, no change
C-2005-06-04, 02/08/01, no change
C-2005-06-05, 09/27/02, no change
C-2005-06-06, 01/04/08, new series, downgraded
C-2005-07-01, 10/25/99, no change
C-2005-07-02, 07/18/00, no change
C-2005-07-03, 07/05/01, no change
C-2005-07-04, 11/12/02, no change
C-2005-07-05, 01/06/05, no change
C-2005-07-06, 03/28/05, no change
C-2005-07-07, 11/16/09, no change
2010 Inventory Management
C-2010-09-01, 05/15/98, no change
2030 Distribution Facilities and Storage Management
C-2030-12-01, 07/09/02, new series
2032 Packaging
C-2032-11-01, 05/10/01, no change
C-2032-11-02, 05/10/01, no change

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2100 Transportation Group
2102 Transportation Clerk and Assistant
C-2102-05-01, 03/04/98, no change
C-2102-05-02, 07/08/12, no change
C-2102-06-01, 10/15/97, no change
C-2102-06-02, 10/15/97, downgraded
C-2102-06-03, 09/03/09, no change
C-2102-07-01, 02/05/99, no change
C-2102-07-02, 09/03/04, new title
C-2102-07-03, 07/26/07, new series
2131 Freight Rate
C-2131-07-01, 05/09/02, no change
2150 Transportation Operation
C-2150-11-01, 10/31/00, no change
C-2150-12-01, 07/03/97, downgraded
2151 Dispatching
C-2151-04-01, 12/28/01, new series
C-2151-05-01, 09/10/98, no change
2152 Air Traffic Control
C-2152-11-01, 03/28/97, no change
C-2152-11-02, 02/14/01, no change
C-2152-11-03, 10/24/02, no change
C-2152-11-04, 02/28/03, no change
C-2152-11-06, 11/25/08, no change
C-2152-11-07, 11/25/08, no change
C-2152-11-09, 11/25/08, no change
C-2152-11-10, 11/25/08, no change
C-2152-11-11, 11/25/08, no change
C-2152-11-12, 11/25/08, no change
C-2152-11-13, 11/25/08, no change
C-2152-12-01, 10/01/12, no change
C-2152-12-02, 10/01/12, no change
C-2152-12-03, 10/01/12, no change
C-2152-13-01, 09/25/02, no change
2154 Air Traffic Assistance
C-2154-07-01, 09/13/96, downgraded
C-2154-07-02, 10/18/96, downgraded
C-2154-07-03, 02/18/98, no change
C-2154-07-04, 05/01/01, no change
2181 Aircraft Operations
C-2181-12-01, 06/30/99, no change
C-2181-12-02, 12/12/05, no change
C-2181-12-03, 03/08/07, no change

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2200 Information Technology
2210 Information Technology Management
C-2210-00-01, 05/27/03, title determination only
C-2210-11-01, 02/21/02, no change
C-2210-11-02, 11/10/03, no change
C-2210-11-03, 08/22/05, new title
C-2210-12-01, 07/28/03, no change
C-2210-12-02, 02/16/11, no change
C-2210-12-03, 02/07/12, new title
C-2210-13-01, 01/29/08, no change
C-2210-13-02, 11/17/11, new title
C-2210-15-01, 05/12/03, upgraded

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Federal Wage System

Readers are advised that decisions listed on this page include those based on since superceded classifications standards.

See the overview section for information about downloading decisions, decision numbers, outcome entries and grade changes.

You must file a classification or job grading appeal in writing.
2500 Wire Communications Equipment Installation and Maintenance Family
2502 Telecommunications Mechanic
C-2502-10-01, 02/08/02 new series
2600 Electronic Equipment Installation and Maintenance Family
2601 Electronic Equipment Installation and Maintenance Inspection
C-2601-00-01, 05/17/99 no change
2602 Electronic Measurement Equipment Mechanic
C-2602-11-01, 11/18/98 no change
2604 Electronics Mechanic
C-2604-11-01, 05/29/98 no change
C-2604-11-02, 05/03/99 no change
C-2604-11-03, 8/01/00 no change
C-2604-11-04, 9/05/00 no change
C-2604-11-05, 4/27/01 no change
2606 Electronic Industrial Controls Mechanic
C-2606-11-01, 09/14/01 no change
C-2606-11-02, 04/09/03 no change
C-2606-11-03, 05/18/05, new series
2610 Electronics Integrated Systems Mechanic
C-2610-12-01, 2/22/01 no change
C-2610-13-01, 07/26/99 no change
C-2610-13-02, 07/26/99 no change
C-2610-13-03, 08/16/99 no change

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2800 Electrical Installation and Maintenance Family
2805 Electrician
C-2805-08-01, 06/15/04, no change
C-2805-10-01, 1/28/98 no change
C-2805-10-02, 3/10/00 no change
2892 Aircraft Electrician
C-2892-10-01, 01/26/99 no change
C-2892-11-01, 06/07/99 no change
C-2892-11-02, 07/26/99 no change
C-2892-11-03, 08/26/99 no change
3300 Instrument Work Family
3359 Instrument Mechanic
3400 Machine Tool Work Family
3414 Machining
C-3414-10-01, 7/27/98 no change
3500 General Services and Support Work Family
3502 Laboring
C-3502-02-01, 09/06/01 no change
C-3502-02-02, 03/24/11, no change
3566 Custodial Working
C-3566-02-01, 3/29/01 no change
C-3566-02-02, 3/29/01 no change

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3700 Metal Processing Family
3701 Metal Processing General
C-3701-08-01, 02/11/03 new series, upgraded
3703 Welding
C-3703-08-01, 01/12/04 no change
C-3703-10-01, 09/10/96 upgraded
3705 Nondestructive Testing
C-3705-09-01, 9/17/99 no change
3800 Metal Work Family
3806 Sheetmetal Mechanic
C-3806-10-01, 12/15/00 no change
C-3806-11-01, 07/28/99 no change
4100 Painting and Paperhanging Family
4104 Sign Painter
C-4104-09-01, 10/13/04, no change
4600 Wood Work Family
4604 Wood Working
C-4604-07-01, 02/29/00 no change
4607 Carpentry
C-4607-09-01,09/27/96 no change
C-4607-09-02, 01/25/99 no change

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4700 General Maintenance and Operations Work Family
4701 Maintenance
C-4701-08-01, 10/28/98 no change
C-4701-11-01, 03/23/98 no change
4742 Utility Systems Repairing-Operating
C-4742-09-01, 06/15/04, new series
C-4742-10-01, 02/11/03 new series
4745 Research Laboratory Mechanic
C-4745-10-01, 05/13/97 no change
4749 Maintenance Mechanic
C-4749-08-01, 03/18/09, no change
C-4749-08-02, 03/18,09, no change
C-4749-09-01, 03/21/96 no change
C-4749-09-02, 07/18/97 no change
C-4749-09-03, 02/28/07, no change
C-4749-10-01, 12/14/00 no change
4800 General Equipment Maintenance Family
4804 Locksmith
C-4804-08-01, 10/08/08, no change
C-4804-09-01, 09/25/08, no change
4805 Medical Equipment Repairing
C-4805-11-01, 08/27/96, no change
C-4805-11-02, 08/03/01 no change
C-4805-11-03, 01/26/12, no change
5300 Industrial Equipment Maintenance Family
5306 Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic
C-5306-09-01, 10/25/96 no change
C-5306-10-01, 05/30/97 no change
C-5306-10-02, 10/24/97 new series
C-5306-10-03, 01/29/99 no change
5318 Lock and Dam Repairing
C-5318-11-01, 01/14/99 no change
5352 Industrial Equipment Mechanic
C-5352-10-01, 06/09/98 new series

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5400 Industrial Equipment Operating Family
5402 Boiler Plant Operating
C-5402-09-01, 01/13/00 new series, upgraded
C-5402-09-02, 04/17/00 no change
C-5402-09-03, 06/23/00 no change
C-5402-09-04, 11/15/00 no change
C-5402-09-05, 03/07/08, no change
5406 Utility Systems Operator
C-5406-08-01, 03/30/09, no change
C-5406-09-01, 04/25/11, no change
5409 Water Treatment Plant Operating
C-5409-09-01, 12/30/02 no change
5413 Fuel Distribution System Operating
C-5413-08-01, 04/30/98 no change
5415 Air Conditioning Equipment Operating
C-5415-09-01, 05/16/00 downgraded
C-5415-10-01, 01/20/99 no change
C-5415-10-02, 07/21/99 no change
5424 Weighing Machine Operating
C-5424-04-01, 12/02/02 no change
5700 Transportation/Mobile Equipment Operation Family
5703 Motor Vehicle Operating
C-5703-06-01, 02/03/98 no change
C-5703-06-02, 05/10/99 upgraded
C-5703-06-03, 08/22/01 no change
C-5703-06-04, 07/17/02 no change
C-5703-06-05, 11/18/05, no change
C-5703-07-01, 04/11/97 no change
C-5703-07-02, 04/20/99 no change
C-5703-07-03, 07/29/03 upgraded
5705 Tractor Operating
C-5705-06-01, 02/07/03 no change
C-5705-06-02, 09/12/05, no change
C-5705-06-03, 11/18/05, no change
C-5705-07-01, 01/27/97 new series, downgraded
5716 Engineering Equipment Operating
C-5716-08-01, 01/18/00 no change
C-5716-10-01, 01/05/00 upgraded
C-5716-10-02, 10/18/01 no change
5725 Crane Operating
C-5725-12-01, 02/05/07, no change
5800 Transportation/Mobile Equipment Maintenance Family
5803 Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic
C-5803-10-01, 05/15/08, no change
C-5803-10-02, 04/07/09, no change
5823 Automotive Mechanic
C-5823-08-01, 05/15/97 downgraded
C-5823-08-02, 06/03/97 no change

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6600 Armament Work Family
6641 Ordnance Equipment Mechanic
C-6641-10-01, 03/15/10, no change
6900 Warehousing and Stock Handling Family
6904 Tools and Parts Attending
C-6904-05-01, 03/12/13, new title
C-6904-06-01, 09/30/96 no change
C-6904-06-02, 10/18/99 no change
6907 Materials Handler
C-6907-02-01, 03/14/06, downgraded
C-6907-05-01, 05/30/01 no change
C-6907-05-02, 05/30/01, no change
C-6907-05-03, 08/19/05, new title
C-6907-06-01, 11/18/96 no change
C-6907-06-02, 12/27/02 no change
C-6907-06-03, 06/14/04, no change
6912 Materials Examining and Identifying
C-6912-06-01, 03/25/99 no change
C-6912-06-02, 03/25/99 no change
C-6912-06-03, 03/25/99 no change
C-6912-07-01, 02/03/06, no change
6913 Hazardous Waste Disposing
C-6913-06-01, 04/20/00 no change
C-6913-06-02, 06/15/04, no change
C-6913-07-01, 07/11/00 no change
C-6913-07-02, 07/25/00 no change
6968 Aircraft Freight Loading
C-6968-08-01, 01/26/09, no change

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7000 Packing and Processing Family
7002 Packing
C-7002-06-01, 08/14/97 no change
C-7002-06-02, 10/08/97 no change
C-7002-06-03, 09/04/01, new series, downgraded
7400 Food Preparation And Serving Family
7404 Cooking
C-7404-04-01, 05/09/05, no change
C-7404-04-02, 12/13/06, no change
C-7404-06-01, 08/11/05, no change
C-7404-08-01, 09/11/02 no change
7408 Food Service Working
C-7408-02-01, 01/31/05, no change
C-7408-03-01, 03/07/05, no change
C-7408-04-01, 05/02/03 no change
8200 Fluid Systems Maintenance
8268 Aircraft Pneudraulic Systems Mechanic
C-8268-11-01, 07/29/99 no change
C-8268-11-02, 07/29/99 no change

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8600 Engine Overhaul Family
8602 Aircraft Mechanic
C-8602-10-01, 10/30/98 no change
C-8602-10-02, 01/04/08, no change
C-8602-11-01, 07/01/99 no change
C-8602-12-01, 04/17/97 no change
8800 Aircraft Overhaul Family
8801 Miscellaneous Aircraft Overhaul
C-8801-13-01, 01/29/98 no change
8852 Aircraft Mechanic
C-8852-00-01, 05/17/99 no change
C-8852-10-01, 06/02/03 no change

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Pay System

Readers are advised that decisions listed on this page include those based on since superceded classifications standards.

See the overview section for information about downloading decisions, decision numbers, outcome entries and grade changes.

You must file a classification or job grading appeal in writing.
0400 Biological Sciences Group
0462 Forestry Technician
C-0462-00-01, 12/04/01 pay system determination only
0800 Engineering and Architecture Group
0801 General Engineering
C-0802-00-03, 02/13/98 new pay system, new series
C-0802-00-04, 02/13/98 new pay system, new series
0802 Engineering Technician
C-0802-00-01, 01/25/92 new pay system, new series
C-0802-00-02, 11/12/97 new pay system, new series

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2600 Electronic Equipment Installation and Maintenance Family
2601 Electronic Equipment Installation and Maintenance Inspection
C-2601-00-01, 05/17/99 no change
2602 Electronic Measurement Equipment Mechanic
C-2602-00-01, 3/28/00 pay system determination only
C-2602-00-02, 4/07/00 pay system determination only
2604 Electronics Mechanic
C-2604-00-01, 01/29/02 pay system determination only
C-2604-00-02, 10/16/03, pay system determination only
C-2604-00-03, 07/08/04, pay system determination only
C-2604-00-04, 03/22/05, pay system determination only
C-2604-00-05, 03/14/05, pay system determination only
C-2604-00-06, 10/06/05, pay system determination only
C-2604-00-07, 01/16/09, pay system determination only
C-2604-11-06, 03/28/06, no change
C-2604-11-07, 01/16/09, downgraded
3300 Instrument Work Family
3359 Instrument Mechanic
C-3359-00-01, 3/28/00, pay system determination only
3400 Machine Tool Work Family
3414 Machining
C-3414-00-01, 3/14/05 pay system determination only
3700 Metal Processing Family
3701 Metal Processing General
C-3703-00-01, 11/16/99 pay system determination only
C-3703-00-02, 03/14/05, pay system determination only
3800 Metal Work Family
3806 Sheetmetal Mechanic
C-3806-00-01, 02/28/02, pay system determination only
C-3806-00-02, 03/14/05, pay system determination only
3820 Production Shop Planner
C-3820-00-01, 03/14/05, pay system determination only
4200 Plumbing and Pipefitting Family
4204 Production Shop Planner
C-4204-00-01, 03/14/05, pay system determination only
C-4204-00-02, 03/14/05, pay system determination only
4700 General Maintenance and Operations Work Family
4749 Maintenance Mechanic
C-4749-05-01, 11/23/10, pay system determination only
4800 General Equipment Maintenance Family
4805 Medical Equipment Repairing
C-4805-00-01, 11/30/99, pay system determination only
5300 Industrial Equipment Maintenance Family
5330 Marine Machinery Mechanic
C-5334-00-01, 03/14/05, pay system determination only
C-5334-00-02, 10/16/12, pay system determination only
6900 Warehousing and Stock Handling Family
6907 Materials Handler
C-6907-00-01, 04/10/12, pay system determination only
6912 Materials Examining and Identifying
C-6912-00-01, 04/23/01 pay system determination only

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7600 Personal Services Family
7601 Miscellaneous Personal Services
C-7601-00-01, 03/06/97 new pay system, new series
8800 Aircraft Overhaul Family
8801 Miscellaneous Aircraft Overhaul
C-8852-00-01, 05/17/99 no change
8852 Aircraft Mechanic
C-8852-00-02, 06/01/01 pay system determination only
C-8852-00-03, 06/01/01 pay system determination only
C-8852-00-04, 06/01/01 pay system determination only

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Periodically we publish the Digest of Significant Classification Decisions and Opinions (Digest). In each Digest we present summaries of several decisions and opinions that we believe have Governmentwide applicability. The Digest is designed to aid classifiers in exercising their judgment. Digest items do not supersede or supplement classification standards and do not constitute "case law." As a classification or job grading standard or guide is updated, Digest articles issued under the old standard or guide may be deleted.

Suggestions for improving future issues of the Digest may be made via fax to 202-606-2663, or email to, or by writing to the Classification and Pay Claims Program Manager, U.S. Office of Personnel Management, 1900 E Street, NW., Room 6484, Washington, DC 20415-6000.

The Digest articles are arranged in the following categories.

Contact Us

Before you email us

Talk with your supervisor

If you believe your position is not properly classified or your position description does not accurately describe your work, we recommend that you talk with your supervisor. Because your supervisor certifies your position description's accuracy, he or she should be able to explain its contents. If your supervisor believes that your position should be reevaluated, he or she can request a review by your human resources office.

Talk with your human resources office

If you have questions your supervisor cannot answer, talk with someone in your human resources office. You can ask to see the position classification standards used to classify your position.


If you want to file a classification appeal after talking with your supervisor and your human resources office, please review our position classification appeals employee fact sheet.

Remember that a classification appeal must be filed in writing and signed.


If you are unable to get your questions answered at your agency, general inquiries about classification may be sent to General inquiries about classification appeals may be sent to To help us better respond to your inquiry, please include your name, agency, telephone number, and geographic location. We will not contact your agency unless we first check with you.

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