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[HTML] Executive Senior Level
... Pay & Leave Salaries & Wages. 2012 Pay Tables for Executive and
Senior Level Employees. Pay Table, File Type. Rates ... - 69k

[HTML] Fact Sheets
... BLS conducts a number of small-scale surveys in the RUS area and combines
the results for setting the RUS locality pay rate. Areas of Application. ... - 82k
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[PDF] Appendix C
... (4) Scheduling relationships with other pay surveys, especially those made
by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. ... (4) Whether full-scale surveys will be ... - 80k

[PDF] Subchapter S5
... The same type of statistically computed trend line used in the full-scale pay
line determination also is used and is treated in the same manner in ... - 211k
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[HTML] Pay Plans
... rates for certain employees." The term "pay plan" is intended to include other
terms such as pay system, pay schedule, pay scale, pay rates, basic ... - 71k

[PDF] Alternative Pay Progression Strategies: Broadbanding ...
... pay adjustment and, at one project site, the locality pay adjustment) is also
dependent on performance. Using a five-level rating scale, the payout ... - 249k

[PDF] The President's Pay Agent
... are small-scale RUS surveys, the sample size is generally smaller than would
be the case if BLS had conducted full-scale locality pay surveys in ... - 138k

[HTML] OPM to Host Large-Scale, Federal Workforce Conference in ...
... strategies have with HR functions related to labor and employee relations,
pay and benefits ... "Production of a conference of this scale will gather ... - 51k

[HTML] Decisions
... renovations). 03-0028, 4/14/04, computation of special pay scale.
03-0027, 7/9/04, overtime pay (not ordered or approved). ... - 254k

[PDF] Human Resources Line of Business Data Model Version One
... pay for the continued benefits during the time of insufficient or non- pay. ...
Competency (CT) Proficiency Scale Type ID An identifier that identifies the ... - 1042k

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