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[HTML] Executive Senior Level
... Pay & Leave Salaries & Wages. 2012 Pay Tables for Executive and
Senior Level Employees. Pay Table, File Type. Rates ... - 71k

[HTML] Fact Sheets
... BLS conducts a number of small-scale surveys in the RUS area and combines
the results for setting the RUS locality pay rate. Areas of Application. ... - 84k
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[PDF] Appendix C
... (4) Scheduling relationships with other pay surveys, especially those made
by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. ... (4) Whether full-scale surveys will be ... - 80k

[PDF] Subchapter S5
... The same type of statistically computed trend line used in the full-scale pay
line determination also is used and is treated in the same manner in ... - 211k
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[HTML] Pay Plans
... rates for certain employees." The term "pay plan" is intended to include other
terms such as pay system, pay schedule, pay scale, pay rates, basic ... - 73k

[PDF] Subchapter S5
... jobs and to obtain information concerning wage rates and other related pay
and employment data. This section covers full-scale regular schedule ... - 268k

[PDF] The President's Pay Agent
... are small-scale RUS surveys, the sample size is generally smaller than would
be the case if BLS had conducted full-scale locality pay surveys in ... - 138k

[HTML] OPM to Host Large-Scale, Federal Workforce Conference in ...
... strategies have with HR functions related to labor and employee relations,
pay and benefits ... "Production of a conference of this scale will gather ... - 52k

[PDF] Alternative Pay Progression Strategies: Broadbanding ...
... pay adjustment and, at one project site, the locality pay adjustment) is also
dependent on performance. Using a five-level rating scale, the payout ... - 249k

[PDF] The President's Pay Agent
... results of small scale surveys conducted by BLS in these areas have been
consistently below or just above those for the RUS locality pay area, the ... - 152k

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