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Work-Life Toolkit for Managers

Creating a flexible, supportive work environment requires managers to take a proactive approach to build an engaged team and maximize organizational performance. As a manager, you have the ability to impact the well-being of your employees and colleagues in every interaction you have.  Your role is to continuously learn and understand the various work-life programs and practices, effectively assess work-life needs of your team members, and take appropriate action to develop strategic work-life solutions that support those needs. This webpage will assist you in this process by providing you with the knowledge and tools you need for success. 


Learn about the various work-life tools, programs, and strategic business practices that may be available in your agencyThe Introduction to Leave, Work-Life, and Workplace Flexibilities virtual course is designed for managers and employees seeking to understand the vast resources and flexible workplace options available in the Federal government as well as how to access and apply those resources effectively. The Executive Excellence and Wellness through Strategic Leadership virtual course is another great tool you can use to gain valuable knowledge, strategies, and resources on how to use strategic leadership skills in your work and personal life to achieve executive excellence and wellness. In addition, fact sheets below discuss the value of different work-life programs for employees, agency, and our communities. 

Mandatory Training Requirements

All agencies are required to provide training within one year of an employee’s initial appointment to a supervisory position, as well as refresher training to all supervisors and managers at least every three years (5 CFR 412.202).  The training must address, at a minimum, options and strategies to improve employee performance.  These minimum training requirements, while helpful, do not address the full spectrum of skills and competencies a supervisor needs to be effective.

The revised 5 CFR 412.202 discusses systematic training and development of supervisors, managers, and executives, and requires new supervisors to receive:

  • Initial supervisory training within one year of the new supervisor’s appointment, and
  • Retraining in all areas at least once every three years
  • Agencies must also provide training when employees make critical career transitions, for instance, from a non-supervisory position to a supervisory position or from manager to executive. This training should be consistent with assessment of the agency’s and the employee’s needs.
  • OPM does not require a specific number of hours of training for supervisory and managerial development. Agencies are free to set their own policies and requirements for supervisors to engage in training that meets the needs of the organization.

The Federal Workforce Flexibility Act of 2004 (P.L. 108-411) directs agencies to provide specific training to develop supervisors as part of a comprehensive succession management strategy.  The Act requires agencies to provide training to supervisors and managers on actions, options and strategies to:

  • Mentor employees
  • Improve employee performance and productivity
  • Conduct employee performance appraisals
  • Identify and assist employees with unacceptable performance

Federal Government Tools and Resources

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