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Insurance FAQs


  • FEGLI life insurance open seasons are extremely rare.  Outside of an open season, eligible employees can enroll in FEGLI by taking a physical exam or with a Qualifying Life Event. The form to request FEGLI by taking a physical exam is the SF 2822.  The form is completed partly by you, partly by your agency, and partly by your healthcare provider.  If OFEGLI approves your request, you are automatically enrolled in Basic. If you want Optional insurance as well as Basic, you can enroll in Option A and/or Option B within 60 days from the date of OFEGLI's approval. You cannot enroll in Option C by getting a physical. With a FEGLI Qualifying Life Event, you can enroll in FEGLI Basic, Option A, up to five multiples of Option B, and/or up to five multiples of Option C.  Qualifying Life Events are marriage, divorce, death of spouse, or acquisition of an eligible child. To enroll or increase your FEGLI coverage based on a life event, submit an SF 2817 to your human resources office within 60 days after the life event.   
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