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Multi-State Plan Program and the
Health Insurance Marketplace Consumer




If you are enrolled in FEHB coverage, you don’t need a Marketplace plan to meet Affordable Care Act coverage standards.

Why Should I Choose MSP Coverage?

Multi-State Plan (MSP) coverage is high-quality health insurance backed by the experience of OPM, the agency trusted by millions of Federal employees, retirees, and their families to provide their health insurance.

  • We emphasize wellness and preventive care.
  • We make sure major benefit categories and services are covered.
  • We work with our insurance partners to ensure you receive the coverage you signed up for.
  • If your claims are ever denied, we are here to help you appeal.
  • You have peace of mind knowing that OPM has over 50 years of experience running the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program.
  • We are committed to bringing you better health through higher quality and lower cost care.

Pick a State or use the drop-down menu to view plan options.

MSP Coverage No MSP Coverage

To choose a Multi-State Plan option that’s right for you, go to



If you are enrolled in FEHB coverage, you don’t need a Marketplace plan to meet Affordable Care Act coverage standards.

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Fact Sheet

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has entered into a contract with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and the Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans (CO-OPs) to offer more than 200 Multi-State Plan (MSP) options in 36 States, including the District of Columbia, on the Health Insurance Marketplace. The plans will be overseen by OPM, which brings more than 50 years of experience running the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program to the MSP Program.

The Affordable Care Act created the MSP Program to drive competition. MSP options ensure that Americans across the country have access to high-quality health insurance plans with reliable benefits. OPM ensures that these plans have an effective network of providers, a high percent of spending on health care rather than administrative costs, and strong consumer protections.

The MSP Program provides uninsured Americans even more options for affordable coverage that work for them. With the addition of the CO-OPs to the MSP Program, consumers now have additional choices.

MSP options are available through the Health Insurance Marketplace on or, the Spanish version of the site. The Marketplace provides one-stop shopping, where consumers can see health insurance options in one place and find out if they’re eligible for financial assistance.

Open enrollment starts November 15, 2014 and ends February 15, 2015, with coverage beginning January 1, 2015.

Visit or to learn more about the Health Insurance Marketplace. For more information on the Multi-State Plan Program, visit the MSP Program page.

Advisory Board


Section 1334(h) of the Affordable Care Act, authorizes the Director of OPM to “establish an advisory board to provide recommendations on the activities” of the Multi-State Plan (MSP) Program and a “significant percentage of the members of such board shall be comprised of enrollees in a multi-State qualified health plan, or representatives of such enrollees.”  The purpose of the MSP Program Advisory Board (“Advisory Board”) is to exchange information, ideas, and recommendations regarding OPM’s administration of the MSP Program, including plan design, branding and marketing, network adequacy, and other topics. Advisory Board meetings will serve as a forum for interactive dialogue and exchange of individual experiences and viewpoints among consumers, consumer representatives, and OPM staff. This forum will serve to better inform OPM’s policy development, rulemaking, and outreach activities with regard to the MSP Program.

We are looking for MSP enrollees or enrollee representatives to serve on the Advisory Board. Enrollee representatives may include public health and/or healthcare professionals (including providers, navigators, and assisters) or members of consumer advocacy groups. Health insurance issuers or representatives of health insurance issuers will not be considered for membership.

OPM will select up to 15 members in 2015, and the Advisory Board will be co-chaired by the OPM Director or the Director’s designee and an MSP Program enrollee. Advisory Board members will serve for a term of two years and may be re-appointed.

We hope to establish a board that represents all segments of society, including, but not limited to, individuals with disabilities; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people; rural or medically-underserved populations; racial or ethnic minorities; and members of tribes or tribal organizations.  For that reason, we encourage all individuals who believe they have relevant expertise or a perspective that would be useful to offer to apply.


OPM’s Director signed the Advisory Board Charter on December 2, 2014. The Charter is the Advisory Board’s governing document, and it is available here.


The link to the Advisory Board’s membership application is located on the USAJOBS website. The announcement number is 15-CEG-Consultant.  While we are using USAJOBS as the posting site, please note that this is an unpaid and voluntary position.

Each applicant must complete an application with a resume and cover letter. We request that all resumes include the following:

  • Title and current position
  • Professional affiliation
  • Home or business address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • List of areas of expertise

Applicants may also upload letters of endorsement or recommendation.

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