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Password Retrieval

Please fill out the information below to verify that you would like your password reset. An email will be generated and sent to the email address on file. The email will contain a confirmation url that will allow you to change your password.

If you signed up with an email address that you can no longer access, please contact the administrator to update your user information so that you can receive your new password.

Supported Browsers

For optimal browsing experience, please note the following recommendations and requirements when using the US Office of Personnel Management’s Multi-State Plan (MSP) Program online portal. If you have questions, problems, or need additional clarification, please contact

Recommended Supported Browsers

The following browsers are recommended when using the MSP Portal:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox

The latest two versions of all major browsers are supported. Modern browsers should update automatically when a new version becomes available; however, if you do not have the latest version, please request the update through your network administrator.

Required Browser Settings

Cookies and JavaScript® must be enabled within your browser.

Unsupported Browsers

If you use an older browser version or an unsupported browser, some MSP Portal features might not work.