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New Pathways Updates

Expanding opportunities for early career talent in the federal government

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Recent News

ICYMI: OPM Highlights Key Actions Supporting AI Talent Surge to Recruit and Hire AI Professionals

OPM highlights key actions taken to recruit, hire, and train AI and AI-related talent into the federal government. OPM’s efforts support the AI in Government Act of 2020 and President Biden’s landmark Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy AI.   

RELEASE: Biden-Harris Administration Issues Guidance Supporting Leave Access for Federal Employees Seeking Safety and Recovering from Domestic Violence and Other Abuse

OPM issued guidance advising agencies to provide enhanced support to federal workers seeking safety and recovering from domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, and other related forms of abuse or harassment, including technological abuse.    

RELEASE: OPM Issues New Benefits Administration Letter to Promote the Integrity of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

OPM announced new actions to further promote the integrity of the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program. In a Benefits Administration Letter (BAL), OPM outlined requirements for federal agencies and carriers regarding new enrollment actions that will ensure comprehensive verification and review of family member eligibility. 

RELEASE: Kiran Ahuja to Step Down as Longest Serving OPM Director in a Decade

OPM announced that Director Kiran Ahuja will depart from her role in the next several weeks. Ahuja, the longest serving director in more than ten years, leaves a lasting legacy of rebuilding the OPM workforce, championing federal workers, and supporting federal agencies. Ahuja was confirmed as the first South Asian and first Asian American woman to lead the agency.

RELEASE: OPM Issues Final Rule Updating Pathways Programs, Significantly Expands Opportunities for Early Career Talent

OPM issued a final rule on the Pathways Programs designed to significantly expand opportunities for early career talent in the federal government. The final rule is one of the most significant actions the federal government has taken since the program’s inception 14 years ago.

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