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New Pathways Updates

Expanding opportunities for early career talent in the federal government

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Workforce of the Future Initiative

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Recent News

RELEASE: OPM Issues Final Rule Updating Pathways Programs, Significantly Expands Opportunities for Early Career Talent

OPM issued a final rule on the Pathways Programs designed to significantly expand opportunities for early career talent in the federal government. The final rule is one of the most significant actions the federal government has taken since the program’s inception 14 years ago.

RELEASE: OPM Issues Final Rule to Reinforce and Clarify Protections for Nonpartisan Career Civil Service

OPM today announced a final rule that clarifies and reinforces long-standing protections and merit system principles for career civil servants.

Readout: OPM Director Kiran Ahuja Visits Houston to Tour NASA Space John Center and Deliver Remarks at the U.S. Customs and Immigration Services Naturalization Ceremony  

Last week, in Houston, TX, U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Director Kiran Ahuja toured the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Johnson Space Center (JSC); met with dedicated NASA professionals leading monumental advances in science, technology, engineering, and medicine; and engaged with NASA leadership on OPM’s ongoing partnership with the agency to modernize their astronaut application and selection process.   

RELEASE: OPM Releases List of Conditionally Approved Postal Service Health Benefits Program Carrier Applicants for New Centralized System

OPM released a list of conditionally approved carrier applicants today to participate in OPM’s new Postal Service Health Benefits (PSHB) Program for U.S. Postal Employees and their families. The Postal Service Reform Act of 2022 requires that OPM establish this new health care program, which will provide coverage for 1.9 million employees, annuitants, and their eligible family members beginning January 1, 2025

RELEASE: NASA and OPM Celebrate Newest Class of Astronaut Graduates, Launch Selection Process for Next Class

NASA and OPM welcomed its new class of next generation Artemis astronauts in a ceremony at the agency’s Johnson Space Center on Tuesday. The ten astronaut graduates are now eligible for flight assignments. The agencies also announced the opening for the next round of NASA astronaut applications. 

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