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Can I use the Federal Ballpark E$timate if I elected FERS or have a service computation date (SCD) before 1/1/1987?

While FERS began on January 1, 1987, it is possible for a FERS employee to have an SCD (for retirement purposes) prior to that date. Examples of when a FERS employee may have an SCD prior to 1/1/1987 include:

  1. employees with prior CSRS service who elected FERS,
  2. employees who paid military deposits and
  3. Federal employees first hired during the "Interim period" between 1/1/1984 and 12/31/1986, can have SCD's earlier than 1987.

If you are in one of these groups, enter the correct SCD and follow the directions in the "Warning" message. This message is simply to alert the user to check the SCD. If the SCD is correct, select the Submit button again and it will take you to the next Step.

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